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Snow Canyon State Park Hikes You are here: Home / Snow Canyon State Park Hikes With Snow Canyon only a few miles up the road from St. George, Hike St. George takes full advantage of this state park's beauty and magnificence. Its red and white sandstone cliffs are a sight we love and we know you will love it too If you love hiking, it's one of the best things to do in Snow Canyon State Park, and if have young kids like us, the Snow Canyon hikes are very family-friendly! They are short, easy and full of rocks to scramble over which will keep the kids engaged and happy Explore the trails and dunes of beautiful Snow Canyon on foot, bike, and horseback. Camp in the peaceful campground surrounded by ancient lava flows and red Navajo sandstone. Discover the secrets of the desert landscape through seasonal nature programs. Snow Canyon Trail Guide Snow Canyon is a small state park, less than 2 miles across, but contains over 20 miles of well-maintained, intersecting trails, all quite easy, which take hikers to all corners of the valley; to narrow ravines, lava formations, sandstone outcrops and sand dunes The Snow Canyon hike ascends along a steady incline and winds through serene desert junipers on a rock-studded path that eventually gives way to sand

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Snow Canyon Loop The Snow Canyon Loop Trail is a paved double-track bike, hiking, and rollerblading trail that loops through Snow Canyon from the outskirts of St. George. Although the trail is smooth and paved, there are some steep spots that will spook (or injure) youngsters who are just learning to ride Snow Canyon State Park, in Southern Utah, near Saint George offers some of the best day hiking and rock climbing around. Local guide, David Ward describes covering the bulk of the park in three day hikes in a row Johnson Canyon Trail is a short, but exciting hike at the mouth of Snow Canyon State Park. It boasts a natural spring, black lava flows, red-rock walls, cottonwood and willow glades, and an impressive arch near the end. There are only minor up-and-downs on this route; the trail gains almost nothing in elevation between the road and the arch One of the best places to see Petroglyph in a slot canyon. These are the coolest petroglyphs I have ever visited, but they are very difficult to find. They are located in Snow Canyon State Park; the parking is outside of the park and you enter the boundaries by crossing over a barbed wire fence

Snow Canyon State Park Hiking Trails. Note: This info is from the State Park brochure. See the map below. Also below see photos of this area. Distances are roundtrip. Butterfly Trail - 2 miles. Moderate. Some steep slopes, steps and uneven surfaces. Winding along the west side of Petrified Dunes, this-trail heads to West Canyon overlook and. The Family - including 19, 14 and 11 year olds - spent an afternoon in Snow Canyon and experienced great hiking without the crowds of the national parks. This state park is extremely scenic and has a variety of hiking trails. We enjoyed the lava trail including stops to explore the underground lava tubes. Beautiful facilities and friendly staff

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From the parking area you will be hiking on lava rock and dirt the entire way. This is a fun adventure for everyone and is a must see in Snow Canyon State Park. Ratings (out of 10) Trek Planner Rating. Difficulty. 3.2. Technicality. 2.0. Enjoyment. 6.0. The Bottom Line historical pipe once used to transport water from Snow Spring to agricultural areas in Ivins. After steady rains, a 200' waterfall often flows at the end of the canyon creating a large pool. This hike is closed annually from March 15th-September 14th for wildlife and habitat protection. Park Rules • All hikers are required to stay on mapped. Snow Canyon is often overlooked. In any other state, where it wasn't overshadowed by the likes of Zion and Bryce Canyon, it would be a national park instead of a state park. But this place is well worth a day trip and is a great place to take kids Cassidy Trail Hike: The route along the Cassidy Trail, passing through the Little Bryce Canyon, is one of the best challenging hikes in Bryce Canyon National Park. This out-and-back trail offers fantastic views towards Mexican Hat Peak, passing along a dramatic ridgeline with spectacular views

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  1. i Zion's because it boasts of the same red rocks and natural wonders but has more manageable hikes for younger children with various landscapes from sand dunes to petrified sand dunes to volcanic rock to white rock.. With an entrance fee of $6 per car it is also less expensive.
  2. ute drive from Lava Falls At Entrada Vacation Rentals in St. George, Utah. Fall is the perfect tim..
  3. Snow Canyon is often overlooked. In any other state, where it wasn't overshadowed by the likes of Zion and Bryce Canyon, it would be a national park instead of a state park. But this place is well worth a day trip and is a great place to take kids
  4. The Ranger suggested the following hikes for kids 2 and above in Snow Canyon State Park. All the hikes below are round-trip. Whiterocks Amphitheater 4 Miles. Butterfly 2 Miles. Upper Galoot Picnic Area (for climbing rocks) Pioneer Names .5 Mile. Sand Dunes .5 Mile. Jenny's Canyon .5 Miles. Johnson Canyon 2 Miles
  5. Turn left onto Snow Canyon Parkway, headed west. After 3.9 miles, you will reach a rounadbout at Snow Canyon Parkway and Snow Canyon Drivea right turn leading you to the park. This route starts at this roundabout, however a parking lot is available approximately 1 mile up Snow Canyon Drive, just outside the gate of the park

Snow Canyon Overlook is a spur trail off of the Red Mountain Trail that will lead you to one of the best viewpoints in Southern Utah. The trail leading to that viewpoint is a moderate climb up the high desert terrain of that area. The trail starts out fairly rocky and uneven You will cross over a small dry wash and then hike up a little ways until you see the canyon on your left. The canyon goes back a couple hundred feet and ends. It's crazy how the temperature changes from hot to cool in a matter of seconds! This is a neat place to explore and you can even get a nice view of Snow Canyon from the Overlook This hike is a connector trail to the Gila Trail. You can also do the entire out-and-back eight miles of the Gila Trail if you are looking for a longer hike with the same great payoff in the end. Hidden four miles from the main canyon of Snow Canyon is a small slot canyon filled with petroglyphs! What's a petroglyph

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Popular Snow Canyon hiking trailheads. While these are hiking only trails, the trailheads are easily accessible by eBike and eliminate the hassle of finding a parking space. As a precaution, we recommend using one of our provided bike locks to secure your eBike while you are hiking on any trails Snow Canyon Overlook is an easy hike with stunning views and a gorgeous spot for watching the sunset. The trail is dog and horse-friendly. While the trail to the top is mediocre, the views once you get there are absolutely stunning, making for an amazing hike. The hike begins at the Red Mountain Trailhead, north of Snow Canyon State Park

Snow Canyon State Park partially wraps around its southern and eastern boundaries. Trails - Equestrians find many opportunities for trail riding in the Red Mountain Wilderness, with trails leading to spectacular overlooks into Snow Canyon, where black basalt flows overlie the red and white Navajo sandstone, creating a dramatic visual contrast Kids LOVE Snow Canyon. 1.4 miles up, the Three Ponds Trail intersects the West Canyon Trail. Drop the bike and head left 1/2 mile up the narrow canyon! Two miles from the start of the trail, watch for a hiking path on the right that leads up to the Lava Tubes and other hiking paths. Kristen investigates the red rock of Snow Canyon Hiking Southern Utah: Snow Canyon Overlook is amazing during the day, but the evening light really takes it up a notch. Hiking Southern Utah: Snow Canyon Overlook is amazing during the day, but. Answer 1 of 4: Mom, sister, hubby and I are spending a week in St George (timeshare) in late January and are hoping to explore Snow Canyon or other areas nearby. We are between 40-68 yrs old and all fit enough for moderate hikes. I have this link and have been..

There are three places throughout Snow Canyon that have picnic tables. 7. Group Hikes. Throughout the year, rangers lead a variety of group hikes. Group hike opportunities include moonlit hikes, star walks, nature sketch hikes, and sunset hikes. Space is limited for all of these events and reservations are required 1. Petrified Dunes Trail, Snow Canyon. Petrified Dunes Trail is arguably the most enjoyable hike in the St. George area, and one that is popular with all ages and abilities. Wide-open rolling rock hills covered with curving ridges stretch out in all directions, just begging to be explored

Snow Canyon offers beautiful day hike's through red and white Navajo sandstone, capped by black lava rock. Before hiking in a desert environment like Snow Canyon make sure you are prepared. Carry at least one liter of water per person. Do not hike alone. Avoid hiking when temperatures are extreme. Otherwise keep your hike short, wear a hat and. Three Ponds Trail, Snow Canyon State Park. At 1.8 miles (one way), the Three Ponds Trail is one of the longer hiking routes in Snow Canyon State Park, leading across a mix of sandy and rocky terrain to a group of eroded potholes that harbor rainwater most of the year. Only the lowest pool is visible from the trail, and this is the most likely. View from the high point of of this hike, through Snow Canyon State Park all the way to Ivins, Utah, Gila Trail, St. George, Utah, Dec. 29, 2013 | Photo by Drew Allred, St. George New

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  1. When the Snow Canyon Mill comes into view at 7.2 miles out, pull of into a wide, flat area on the left (Site 0548). Park here; this is the trailhead. Saddle Mining Co ore hopper (view N; Wpt. 05) The Hike. From the trailhead (Table 2, Waypoint 01), the route continues up the main canyon on old roads. The Snow Canyon Mill (Wpt
  2. These caves are located in Snow Canyon State Park near Dammeron Valley in Utah and it's one of the most unique places in southern Utah. Years ago, lava flowed through these caves until it froze until formed into a tunnel, so the volcano has been inactive since. The trail is filled with lava rocks, sand and gravel, and there are several lava tubes which can be entered, so wearing closed toe.
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  4. Travel: Our Hike From Butterfly Trail to Snow Canyon Lava Tubes. The last few weekends when we've been down in St. George, we've made a point to explore the area around us and to get outdoors with the kids. We bought bikes and Braun and I have definitely enjoyed exploring the trails around us, but one of the things we've loved the most is.
  5. utes) with small slopes and steps, offering spectacular views over stunning red sand dunes and soaring sandstone cliffs

Description. The parking area for this trail is just before Snow Canyon State Park's southern entrance. The trail is at the left corner of the parking lot. Follow the trail around a butte through open desert. After you pass a ranch on the left, you begin to enter Padre Canyon. The trail is initially on the right side of the canyon's dry wash. For more information on the hiking trails in Snow Canyon State Park and Greater Zion, visit our trails website. Rock Climbing. The climbing in Snow Canyon State Park is mostly sport or traditional climbing with plenty of multi-pitch routes, going up to five pitches. There's easy 5.7s to challenging 5.12bs but the bulk of the routes sit in the.

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  1. Snow Canyon & Signal Peak. Snow Canyon & Point 5570 ft. Snow Canyon. I then left the rim of Snow Canyon and headed west over the surface of the plateau to reach the trail. The plateau in that area no longer had slickrock and was instead covered by sand. Red Mountain. Reached the trail at 11:20 a.m. and 7.4 miles
  2. Snow Canyon Overlook Trail is a 4.8 mile out and back trail with a trailhead on SR-18 near Dammeron Valley, Utah.The trail leads to a scenic overlook of Snow Canyon that is well worth the hike. Access Info. Trail is accessed from a developed parking area. Follow the signs/fence on the west side of the parking area to start the hike
  3. Lava Flow Trail in Snow Canyon State Park is breathtaking and a family-friendly trail. Kids will love the lava rock and the rugged hiking trail. Remember to come prepared to venture in the lava tubes (really, lava caves) and have the proper attire and equipment. Underground means NO CELL SERVICE and it gets cold (even in the summer) so pack a.
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Steven is at Snow Canyon State Park. This is a bit out of the way, but has many beauties and activities that your family can enjoy especially during the wint.. If you can't hike the James Irvine Trail, you can still access Fern Canyon by driving to Gold Bluffs Beach and parking at the day-use area. From here, hiking through Fern Canyon is an easy 1-mile loop hike. This is the most popular way to access the beach, however, so be prepared for crowds Snow Canyon State Park contains vibrant red and white sandstone that has developed an overlay of black lava rock, making the park one of the most scenic destinations within the St. George area Snow Canyon is named after Erastus Snow. This short trail visits an overhang near the main park road that has several pioneer names painted on the rock with axle grease from the late 1800s and early 1900s. Though a short hike, I enjoyed the history and scenery What To Wear Hiking In Bryce Canyon. If you are hiking in Bryce Canyon with kids, what you wear can really impact how well your day goes. Here are our essentials that you need to wear, regardless of the weather to help eliminate whining on the trail:. Hydration Pack: These are a lifesaver when hiking because it gets kids (and adults) to drink so much more water, which is so important

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Cascade Canyon Trail is 4.4 miles (7.2 km) one way with a 991 ft total elevation gain from the West Boat Dock of Jenny Lake The hike to the first bridge with a view of Cascade Creek and its cascading waterfalls is fairly level with a set of stone steps gaining 65 ft over 0.2 miles (0.3 km) Trails closed for winter in Bryce Canyon. Here is general Bryce Canyon winter info for trails that can be found on the official Bryce Canyon National Park website:. Snow is ONLY cleared from the sidewalks at the overlooks and the paved section of the Rim Trail from Sunset to Sunrise Point Snow Canyon State Park is a 7,400-acre swath of sandstone cliffs and dunes in umber and sienna hues. Perhaps the most incredible thing about Snow Canyon is that it's not a national park, a fact that seems almost unbelievable when you explore its otherworldly terrain. And because of its proximity to.

What to take with you on the Cascade Canyon Trail Make sure to take everything on my Day Hike Packing List (get it here), and be sure to include a bear whistle or spray, since this is bear country. Check out my Essential Gear for Hikers, to make sure you have the gear and clothing you need.. Jenny Lake Visitor Center. Summer (June 6-September 3) open daily 8:00am - 7:00pm Today Snow Canyon offers over 36 miles of hiking trails that attracts outdoor adventurers from near and far. Only 20 minutes from downtown St. George, Snow Canyon State Park is a great add-on to any trip to Zion. Entrance fees are a very reasonable $6 per vehicle ( $3 per vehicle for seniors) and camping prices start at $20 97 reviews of Snow Canyon State Park Anytime from September through May, this place is fabulous. The rich red rock canyons cradle the small park. By pass the camper area and nestle near the rock cliffs. Unfortunately, you cant climb them since some jackasses died a few years back. But you can hike to several pools, passing by wildlife, moonscape, and brilliantly colored rocks and vegetation Snow Canyon State Park features red Navajo sandstone, capped by an overlay of black lava rock. Photography, hiking, biking, horseback riding, and camping are popular activities. Early spring and fall use of the park are especially appealing due to southern Utah's moderate climate

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At Snow Canyon, we biked the Whiptail Trail, a 6-mile round trip with gentle slopes on a paved surface, which we shared with joggers, hikers and other cyclists. There isn't a lot of vehicular. 1 campground in Snow Canyon State Park. So you're headed to the rainbow wonderland that is Utah, but all the national park campsites have been booked for months (or years). Fret not! Snow Canyon Campground has sites aplenty, and offers an excellent place to rest before jetting off to Zion or Bryce Canyon Snow Canyon State Park Hiking Trails. Note: This info is from the State Park brochure. See the map below. See photos of this area. Distances are roundtrip. Butterfly Trail - 2 miles. Moderate. Some steep slopes, steps and uneven surfaces. Winding along the west side of Petrified Dunes, this-trail heads to West Canyon overlook and lava tubes

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Snow Canyon State Park. A short drive from downtown St George UT. Plenty of kid and senior friendly hiking. The park is absolutely stunning. Fall, Winter, or early Spring are the best times to hike. Summer would be brutal, but there is plenty of water in the park. Bathrooms are scattered throughout the park and are clean 4 Hikes That Are (Usually) Snow-Free. Published November 1, 2017. Written by Eric Flowers. In Central Oregon, hiking season is year-round. When there's snow in the mountains, head to these lower elevation trails throughout the region. Closer to town or in canyon country, these trails usually stay clear of snow throughout the winter months Explore the Other Trails. If you plan to spend the day hiking through the Snow Canyon State Park lava cave trails, you should trek through some of the other areas as well. Composed of Navajo red and white sandstone, the petrified dunes at the center of the park are an extraordinary sight It snowed in Red Rock Canyon last night (1-5-2015). Snow makes for good photos, but it makes scrambling in Red Rock very dangerous. The snow can make a class one section dangerous, because the snow makes things very slippery. Here's an example. Walking to the edge of the 1,200 foot Rainbow Wall is normally pretty easy Hike 1.8 miles along The Watchman Trail and take in a Who's Who of stone celebrities (Beehives, West Temple) in 60°F mid-winter temperatures on your way to this overlook of the massif. When snow flecks the pocked, 6,555-foot sandstone spire, it adds a depth and perspective that fair weather visitors will never see

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Hiking Guide. WTA's hiking guide is the most comprehensive database of hikes in Washington, and comprises content written by local hiking experts and user submitted information. All data is vetted by WTA staff. This resource is made possible by the donations of WTA members. We respectfully acknowledge the lands we are visiting are the homelands. Snow Canyon is a state park located on the north west side of St. George. The turn off to go to Tuacahn theater is also the same turn you go on to go to Snow Canyon conveniently placing it in a lot of entertaining area's. The park follows a medium sized canyon for a few miles with lots of little hikes with a few larger ones located throughout The trailhead is located off Snow Canyon Drive and is marked with a sign. The trail is only a 1/2 mile round-trip and is flat for the majority of the hike, making it a nice, short hike for. If you see snow that's moved past the area, find a historic radar over the area of your hike and see if snow passed over it. The free CalTopo website offers 24 and 48 hour snow overlays so that you can see how much fresh snow fell. Just switch it on in the panel on the right of the screen. CalTopo also offers a snow forecast at different. Grand Canyon National Park offers a wealth of hiking and backpacking trips, and is only truly accessible by hiking, horseback, or rafting. Most visitors stand on the rim, stare down into the Canyon, snap some photos, visit a gift shop or two, eat at the cafeteria and then leave

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Overview Cascade Canyon is one of Grand Teton National Park's most popular hiking spots, with a moderate hike that starts near Jenny Lake and climbs up to the tumbling 200-foot-tall Hidden Falls and the aptly-named Inspiration Point, which looks out over Jenny Lake and the east side of Grand Teton National Park Friends of Snow Canyon State Park. 773 likes · 28 talking about this · 262 were here. Friends of Snow Canyon is a non-profit and independent organization dedicated to preserving and protecting Snow.. The northern route is via the Johnson's Canyon trail. About 0.5 mile from the Johnson Canyon trailhead on Snow Canyon Drive, the Scout Cave trail takes off to the right and heads south over a large, lava bed. The singe-track trail is rocky (lava) until it drops down into the wash (about 1 mile from trailhead)

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Snow Canyon State Park is becoming one of our favorite places to hike with kids. The trails are never too long and there is always something beautiful to see-rain or shine! Spend an hour hiking with the kids and then stop for some down time playing in the sand dunes (the actual sand dunes — theses ones aren't petrified!) Climbing Circus Wall, Snow Canyon State Park, UT. Our goal for this trip was a lot of climbing. We head down to Circus Wall (part of the Island in the Sky formation), only a 10-15 minute walk from camp. This is an amazing climbing crag to involve kids and beginners. While most routes are sport, there is also a few mixed and trad routes There are so many hidden caves all around St. George's desert terrain. More popular would be the Snow Canyon lava caves, located in Snow Canyon State Park. The hike to get to them is marked and easy with a stunning scenic backdrop of the red and white sandstone hills and contrasting black lava rock. Once you reach the gaping hole in the.

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Winter Hiking - While many of the trails in Zion Canyon are open in the winter, they often have minor obstacles such as patches of snow, ice and mud. Some of the most popular trails in the park: Weeping Rock, Emerald Pools, Riverside Walk, Angels Landing, Hidden Canyon and Observation Point have areas that get little sun making them pleasant in. The beautiful Kolob Canyon section is one of the popular trails in Zion National Park. It is located at exit-40 on I-15, 17 miles south of Cedar City and 40 miles north of Zion Canyon. It is comparatively less crowded and the northwestern remote section of Kolob Canyon in Zion National Park is famous because the entire area of Navajo sandstone. A very popular hike is from the Red Mountain trailhead to the spectacular Snow Canyon and West Canyon overlooks and back. The elevation gain is about 400 feet with a total up and down elevation change one-way of about 550 feet. Great views exist of the canyons and beyond. Visitors will travel 1.8 miles to reach the turnoff to the Snow Canyon. While most visitors to the Grand Canyon experience its beauty in the spring, summer and fall, winter is still a great time to visit - mild temperatures in the inner canyon for the Grand Canyon hiker, fewer people, and the scenery is still amazing, especially when the rim is dusted with snow Introducing Padre Canyon! Also known as the Tuacahn Saddle Trail, this hike starts in Tuacahn's parking lot, follows the canyon back through the red rock, continues up and over the saddle, and ends in Snow Canyon State Park. Like all trails near St. George, there are many options available for all levels of hikers