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Dog Slicker Brush, Fast, Free 1-2 Day Shipping & Low Prices, Shop Now Your One Stop Shop For All Your Professional Grooming Supplies. Shop Tables, Baths, Dryers, Clippers, Scissors, And Other Pet Grooming Supplies Makerfire Slicker Brush Large, 360 Degree Rotation Flexible Slicker Brush for Long Haired Dog, Pet Dog Cat Slicker Brush, Pet Teezer Brush (Large, Blue) 4.5 out of 5 stars 327 £9.59 £ 9 . 5

Grooming your dogs hair is an important part of owning a dog, especially if they have long / medium hair. Using the best slicker brushes when grooming will help clear matted hair with ease. Brushing and grooming also helps natural oil get to your dogs coat keeping them healthy looking at all times. It will also help prevent hair from knotting / matting and causing un-necessary pain Bonve Pet Dog Brush, Self Cleaning Slicker Brush Pet Grooming Brushes Soft for Small, Medium & Large Dogs Cats with Short to Long Hair, Professional Deshedding Tool - Reduces Shedding by up to 95%. 4.4 out of 5 stars. 3,428. £12.99. £12 Master Grooming Tools™ Flexible Slicker Brushes - Single/Hard. £ 18.99 Buy the right brush for your dog's coat If you use the wrong brush you could end up damaging your dog's coat and skin and hurting them. We've got a huge selection of which as designed to suit different coats. Hard slicker pin brushes are only suitable for dogs with really thick coats. Soft slicker brushes are for dogs with shorter coats Slicker brush. These have quite tightly packed fine wire bristles and are good for dealing with tangles and knots in medium to long fur. They are also good at removing loose fur and getting down to undercoats so they are also useful for dogs with thick or wiry fur. This is also a great brush for double coated dogs

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Brushes, Combs & Slickers. Help keep your companion's coat neat and healthy with dog brushes, combs, and slickers from this collection. Whether you're browsing for a short-haired pup or a long-haired breed, you can find dog combs and brushes to suit them right here. From wooden and bamboo brushes to plastic detanglers and metal combs, there. Lastly, there is the Slicker brush. The slicker is best used for animals that have long hair. A long-haired animal has the tendency to get their hair tangled and matted. This is perfect for fixing those problems with your pets as slicker brushes can definitely help in untangling their hair especially before clipping Grooming your dog is an important part of what keeps them healthy and happy. A slicker brush is one of the most popular grooming tools as it gets rid of dirt, dead skin and hair - quickly and easily. But with so many of these brushes on the market claiming to be the best: we need Continue reading Best Slicker Brush for Dogs (For All Sizes, Coats & Breeds This slicker brush can be used with a wide range of dogs, from poodles with curly hair to dogs with long, wavy coats. The flexible cushion base has ¼ inch foam to keep the brush gentle and forgiving on your pet's coat as you comb through it 1. ACE2ACE Slicker Dog Comb Brush, Pet Grooming Brush, Daily Use to Clean Loose. By ace2ace. 9.7. View Product. 9.7. 2. Masterclip Hard Pin Slicker Brush - Size Large for Large Dogs. By masterclip

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  1. g Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, Cockapoos, Bernedoodles & other Poodle-crosses. The Doodle Brush head is flexible and the long, curved pins glide through your dog's coat making light work of tangles and matting. Free shipping across Europe and North America
  2. g Slicker Brush, Small - grey/orangeIncluded components: Soft Protection Slicker Brush Small. £3.92. Buy on Amazon. The Rosewood brush is relatively simple in style, but instead of having a flat section for the wires, it is rounded so that the wires sit in a curve
  3. g brush, ergonomically designed to offer fast, effective results whilst being kinder to the coat and skin. Double Sided for greater versatility. Flexible to prevent brush burn and fatigue. Large pin pads for faster results
  4. imal effort, perfect for both your long/short haired cat and dog. 1 Piece Groo

Thunderpaws Self Cleaning Pet Slicker Brush pins retracted and extended. Using the brush. In use the brush is simple to use, simply push the button to extend the pins. The pins lock into place. Then when you need to get the fur of the brush, push the button once more and the pins recede. This leaves the dander easily wiped off from the brush head This small metal slicker brush is designed for cats, rabbits and smaller dogs. The brush will assist in removing loose or dead hair from your pet's coat to keeping it looking and feeling clean and tidy. Use gentle strokes to pass the slicker brush through the coat in the direction of the hair growth

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  2. Chris Christensen Mark II Small Red Slicker #A511RD (37-037-R) The Mark Slicker brush by Chris Christensen is a beautifully handcrafted Beech wood slicker brush whose $36.00. Choose options. Mark V Triangle Slicker Brush - Chris Christensen (37-038) The Mark Slicker V Triangle slicker brush by Chris Christensen is a beautifully handcrafted.
  3. Brushing a dog is a great experience, one that is relaxing for you and your pup. The only downside is actually choosing the brush, but hopefully, this guide has been able to help you get a better idea of the best type for your pet. From bristle brushes to the slicker brush, there are loads of different types out there for you to trial
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Bamboo Groom Slicker Brush. The handcrafted dog brush made by Bamboo Groom is 100% biodegradable and strong. It's polished with a natural oil to ensure a water-resistant finish and sports an excellent metal bristle brush head, especially good at getting into the undercoat and properly keeping on top of your Border Terrier's shedding season. Slicker brushes are ideal for addressing and preventing matted fur, and the Slicker Brush from The Bark Shoppe is no exception. It gently penetrates the deepest layers of your dog's coat to get rid of mats and tangles—even in hot spots—while removing loose hair and decreasing shedding. The ultra-fine steel bristles also help keep your pet's. This detangler for dogs is a winner Credit: Amazon UK. Convenient and easy to use, this well-recommended Slicker Brush not only removes hair, it will eliminate any knots, tangles and trapped dirt. Product Name: The Pet Portal Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs Product Description: For its size, we find it being ideal for both long haired and short haired dogs you might have in the house. It is not just for dogs, but also for cats. The brush is good for removing mats, tangles, loose fur, and dirt from the pet's coats all while using minimal effort

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BRILLIARE Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush+Free Stainless-Steel Comb, Easy to Clean Dog Brush, Retractable Pet Grooming Brush, Premium Grooming Tool, for Small, Medium&Large Dog&Cat with Short, Long Hair. 4.3 out of 5 stars. 1,111. $9.87. $9 The Main Purpose of a Slicker Brush. A Slicker Brush has the primary purpose of getting rid of any debris, loose hair and mats/ knots in the fur. It is highly effective at penetrating deep into the coat and removing malted hair and skin. This brush is mainly used for thick or curly haired dogs- as they require a more rigorous grooming routine Depets Self Cleaning Slicker Brush, Pet Grooming Shedding Brush for Dogs and Cats - Easy to Remove Loose Undercoat, Pet Massaging Tool Suitable for Pets with Long or Short Hair 4.5 out of 5 stars 627. $5.39 #26 Showing slide 1 of 8 - Best selling. Go to previous slide - Best selling. Self Cleaning Pet Dog Cat Slicker Brush Grooming for Medium and Long Hair Pets. 4.8 out of 5 stars. (99) Total ratings 99, £6.95 New. Ancol Ergo Small Universal Dog Slicker Brush Eases Tangles and Matts 434000. 4.9 out of 5 stars

Product Name: Kenchii Slicker Dog Brush Product Description: When it comes to the best brush for Border Collie, I always swear by the Kenchii Slicker Dog Brush. This slicker brush has polished, rounded pins that will not scrape your dog's skin. It's also made for double coats, which is perfect for every Border Collie Wahl Gel Handle Nylon Slicker Brush From. £11.49. Save £0.00. Ancol Ergo Self Cleaning Slicker. £8.49 Save £0.50. Kong Zoom Groom Dog Boysenberry. £7.49 Save £0.56. Mikki Pro Slicker Dog Brush. £13.99 Slicker brushes are designed to make brushing easier, faster and painless. These brushes help to remove dirt and loosen hair. The ergonomic design with safe metal pins, helps to easily untangle and remove mats or tangles from your pet's hair. Wow Grooming Slicker Pet Brush - Extra long pin for help with tangles. £16.50

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  1. Slicker-Brush Large Teeth (Left Or Inverse) £16.04. Ref: P313. Buy. no stock. Available soon. Buy it and send it to you when available. Notify me when there's stock available. Active Stock Warning
  2. g Slicker Brush. Compare. Large Brush head 11.5cmx5.5cm. Ready to ship in 1 business day from United Kingdom (UK) color: Blue, Pink. Based on 0 reviews. 0.0 overall 0. 0. 0. 0. 0. Be the first to review Pet Groo
  3. Flexible slicker brushes provide several advantages: 1. They are kinder to coat and skin helping prevent brush burn and damage to healthy coat. 2. They can help avert wrist and hand fatigue - even with prolonged use. 3. They are double sided, usually with different textures, to tackle a variety of breeds and coat types

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  3. *Slicker brush. Slicker brushes help remove tangles and knots. It works for almost all dogs, especially those with medium to long coats. Also, it's a common option for curly coats and canines that shed a lot. Slicker brushes have dense and penetrating pins that will rake shed fur. This works for Old English Sheepdogs, but not as a daily brush
  4. Chris Christensen Big K (Black) and Big G (Coral) Long Pins Dog Slicker Brushes are made to penetrate deep into longer coats. Special pin bend creates lift and movement, to pick up more coat. The signature flexible cushion is gentle and forgiving. The extreme curved back allows more control, movement and direction
  5. g for more reasons than just getting tangles out! It helps to stimulate a shiner, healthier coat and also help the dog to relax which in-turn can help the dog to trust you more when groo
  6. imal effort, perfect for both your long/short haired cat and dog. 1 Piece Groo

Miracle Care Slicker Dog Brush. Key Benefits: Gently detangles fur and prevents mats; Angled pins help reach the undercoat; Painless for dogs; Great at trapping dead hair; No set of grooming supplies is complete without a slicker brush, and this one is a great option. It is recommended by 100% of reviewers, and it certain to keep your Lab's. Features:Dog Grooming Brush: Soft brush for dogs gently removes loose hair, and eliminates hair knot, dander, and dirt. Clean up fleas and care for your pet's health. Soft and gentle bristles are manufactured with round ends so it won't damage or scratch your pet's skin Large Slicker Brush: This Slicker Brush is ideal for general breed grooming for every day pet grooming use with angled pins. Suitable for use with most medium length coats with its angled pins. Brushing down in sections of the dogs starting with the shoulders of the dog and then legs and working towards back of the body Pet shop: Very soft double sided flexible head slicker special for dogs. Flexible head with rigid Pins at Artero UK today get free delivery on orders over 100 pound

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JW Gripsoft Slicker Grooming Brush for Dogs. From: £5.70 to £6.42. The JW Grip Soft Slicker Brush features a 'trigger' shaped handle made from soft rubber for maximum comfort and control. Regular grooming is essential in helping keep pets healthy... [More info] From: £5.70 to £6.42 The Pet Portal's Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is loved by pet owners who say it cuts down on grooming time and reduces shedding. The popular grooming tool for cats and dogs is just $25 on Amazo

Bristle Brushes This type of brush is best for short-haired, smooth-coated dogs that shed frequently. The bristle clusters remove debris, loose hair and leaves a nice shine. Slicker Brushes Slicker brushes have fine, rounded wires that are close together on a flat surface. This type of brush works with all coat types to remove loose fur and. Our dog slicker brush strips dead hair from your dog's coat and eases tangles and matted hair. Use our slicker brush in a gentle stroking motion to remove tangles, matted and dead hair from your dog's coat. Use as part of your regular grooming routine which is essential to maintain a healthy, shiny coat. Brand: Wilko

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The Mark Slicker brushes by Chris Christensen is a beautifully handcrafted Beech wood slicker brush whose Choose options. Chris Christensen Natural Boar Bristle brush is a top quality dog brush that helps to stimulate hair $24.00 Add to Cart. Chris Christensen Fusion Oblong Pin Brushes (13-103-B20 Brush head size: 3 3/4 inches (95 mm) wide - For SMALL to MEDIUM pet breeds - PERFECT for both your long haired or short haired cats/dogs/puppies - The pet slicker brush EFFECTIVELY remove mats, tangles, dirt, and loose fur from your pet's coats with MINIMAL effor Slicker Brush. Slicker brushes are great for removing loose hair and dirt. They consist of rows of fine wire pins which are perfect for detangling longer coats. Each pin has a slightly angled end which helps to remove any loose fur. They come in a range of different sizes, so you can pick one that suits your dog

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4. Dog Slicker Brushes. German Shepherd slicker brushes are ideal for long coats and have finer bristles than the basic brushes. They reach the tiny bits of dirt and keep the long coat shiny and in good condition. An added advantage is that many of them are self cleaning too and drop the fur in the trash with the press of a button. 5 This high-quality brush is perfect for the home groomer or seasoned professional. Featuring finely-polished rounded pins, this brush is designed for undercoat removal and leaves the coat smooth and shiny. Kenchii Slicker Brushes are designed with a luxurious maplewood handle and a rubber non-slip grip to help provide control as you brush

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  1. Slicker brush. Use this tool to brush all the way through the dense layers of your Labradoodle's coat to remove mats, tangles, dead hair and debris. The Pet Portal Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs.*. This handy slicker brush comes in two sizes and two colors
  2. The Hertzko self-cleaning slicker brush is a top pick among pet owners, boasting over 9,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. This brush has thin bent wires designed to reach down into your pet's.
  3. g action & reduce any excessive brushing force. The flexible head gives a more gentle brushing experience for you and your pet
  4. ator Long Hair deShedding Tool for Large Dogs. (250) $33.95 was $40.99. Same Day Delivery Eligible. Well & Good Black Cushion Slicker Dog Brush. (77) $12.99. Same Day Delivery Eligible. Pet Brush by Wet Brush Ultimate Groomer Double Sided Dog Brush
  5. imal effort. This slicker brush is made of the highest quality material with easy to use ergonomic handles. It is self cleaning with retractable pins

Image Title Buy; Andis (Pet) 80585 Premium Firm Slicker Brush, Pet Grooming ,2.00 x 5.50 x 11.00: Check Today's Price: Pet Republique Dog Grooming Slicker Brush Series - for Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Any Long Haired Breed Pets - Reduce Shedding - Self Cleaning Desig Dog brush prices. Basic bristle, wire pin, and slicker brushes start around $5. The priciest of dog brushes cost around $30. If you're in the market for a deshedding tool and/or a dog brush from a well-known manufacturer, plan to spend closer to $30. Tips. Use care when brushing your dog A high-quality dog brush is gentle, effective, and easy to use. Your dog's coat type will determine the type of brush you use, whether it's a pin, curry, or slicker brush, a deshedding tool, or a. FURminator offers products to provide grooming confidence. Brush, deShed, Bathe and Discard loose pet hair with The Ultimate Hair Reduction System OBLONG PIN BRUSH $24 Firm Cushion Great for fluff drying & Line brushing. Great alternative to slicker brushes without the scratchy pins. Head measures 1.5 across & 4.5 height. Has 7 rows of 22mm pins. Total length of brush is 9

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FURminator Firm Grooming Slicker Brush. Furminator makes some of the most popular brushes on the market, and their slicker brush is an excellent grooming tool. This company is well-known for its durable construction and ergonomic and innovative designs. Slicker brushes work well on curly or long coats OMNI Slicker Brush for Dogs Slanted to provide comfort SOLD EACH ITEM Large. $9.77. $10.85 previous price $10.85 10% off 10% off previous price $10.85 10% off. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. Seller 99.1% positive Seller 99.1% positive Seller 99.1% positive The Hartz Groomer's Best Slicker Brush for cats and small dogs is developed with pawfessional groomers. The fine stainless steel tips feature a protective coating so they effectively and gently grab loose hair and excess fur while detangling and removing mats. The thin bristles are effective on all coat types and help to distribute natural oils.

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These slicker brushes are perfect for daily grooming. • Quick and easy to use • Removes tangles, matts and loose hairs • Suitable for medium and long haired dogs as well as cats They get through to the undercoat, removing matts, tangles and loose hairs without pulling at your puppy's coat. Brushing your dog is a mutually beneficial and bonding experience Slicker brushes are a must for helping to remove dirt and moulted hair from many animals and many breeds, but work especially well on longer or double coated dog breeds. Designed to separate hair and remove loose hair from the underlayer, a slicker brush will ensure your dogs' coat is clean and smooth at all times Part No. 58424-002. The Wahl Large Slicker Brush is designed to remove shed hair quickly and easily from the coat. Ideal for double coated, long coated, and some short coated pets that have thick hair. Suitable for larger dogs and cats. £9.99 FURminator Slicker Brush. The flexible halves of the FURminator Slicker Brush follow the contours of your dog's body. With the straight bristles on one side and the bent bristles on the other side, you can remove tangles and hairs without damaging your dog's coat. The easy grip makes the brush comfortable to use. Us These slicker brushes are perfect for daily grooming of all sized dogs. They get through to the undercoat, removing matts, tangles and loose hairs without pulling at your dogs coat. Brushing your dog is a mutually beneficial and bonding experience! Very de-stressing and leaving your dog with a shiny, healthy coat

Rosewood Dog Grooming Slicker Brush -. Soft protection salon grooming Slicker Brush for your dog, the smaller brush can also be used for your pet cat! A great multi-purpose grooming tool for de-matting and removing unwanted tangles, loose fur or matts! Is gentle and effective on your pet's fur, also helps to reduce moulting with regular use The Slicker Brush from Mikki is designed to not only make brushing pleasant for your pet, but makes it easy for you too. The pins in the brush are designed in such a way that the brush easily goes through the coat with a stroking motion, without damaging the top layer of the coat Great give and cushioing for a softer effect and to suit the discerning Slicker fan. Light weight, ideal balance of slicker pins and not only ergonomically designed by our Plush Puppy show grooming team, but an Exclusive to Plush Puppy. This is the slicker brush you cannot be without

Layer the hair, parting it in sections as you go, brushing in the direction the hair grows. Dogs with Long, Flowing Coats: Use long, gentle strokes that continue beyond the ends of the hair. Dogs with Harsh Outer Coats and Wooly Undercoats: Brush once a week, being gentle to avoid removing excess undercoats. Dogs with Curly Coats and Terriers: To avoid dead hairs creating mats, groom this coat. Read reviews for Wahl Pin Brush with Soft Grip Gel Handle. £10.23. Tangle Teezer. Pet Teezer Detangling Dog Grooming Brush. ☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆. 4.5 out of 5 stars. Read reviews for Pet Teezer Detangling Dog Grooming Brush. £12.17. Tangle Teezer Soft Slicker Brush. Soft Slicker Brush. Size. Choose an option Large (11x16cm) Medium (10x13cm) x-Large (12x19cm) Clear. Soft Slicker Brush quantity. Add to basket. Add to Wishlist. Compare. SKU: CC-T-23462 Categories: Brushes and Combs, Dog Grooming, Moulting, Other, Remedial

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Premo Dog Slicker Brushes. Eases tangles and mats and removes dead hairs from top and undercoat. Anti scratch pins for your pets comfort. Use the slicker as part of your regular grooming routine which is essential to maintain a healthy shiny coat. Cushioned easy grip handle. Not suitable for Dogs with corded coats. Available in Small and Medium 7. Glendan Dog Brush. 8. Ruff 'n Ruffus Self-Cleaning Dog Slicker Brush. All dogs benefit from regular grooming as this keeps their coat healthy and clean. But with so many breeds out there, not all dogs' coats are the same and they will all shed their fur at different rates - and amounts To use the slicker, slowly and gently brush the hair in the direction of the fur growth. The bendy pins will pull away loose hairs hair leaving a smooth and neat coat. If your dog is comfortable with the slicker, press gently on the tool to remove more fur from the undercoat This Pet Pavilion Slicker Brush curved back, ergonomic handle and flexi-head will ensure a natural grooming action, enabling the medium length stainless steel pins to work effectively. The Pet Pavilion Slicker Brush Small is perfect for small to medium pets with dense or long pet coats, while the Slicker Brush Large is perfect for Medium to.

This slicker brush is now 25% softer! Great give and cushioning for a softer effect and to suit the discerning Slicker groomer. Light weight, ideal balance of slicker pins and not only ergonomically designed by our Plush Puppy show grooming team, but an Exclusive to Plush Puppy. This is the slicker brush you cannot be without. Soft Slicker. Description. Groom your pet in comfort with the Wahl Small Nylon Slicker Brush, designed with non-slip ergonomic gel handle that makes handling the brush comfortable.. The ball pins are perfect for pets with sensitive skin as they glide through the coat. The nylon bristles remove loose hair, debris and tangles to achieve a smooth coat

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Ancol Ergo Cat Slicker Brush x Slicker brushes are okay for longhairs, but they're more for brushing out tangles and dematting than deshedding, imo. Ime, if a cat is brushed through well, a slicker won't pick up much fur at all, unless you're being too rough with it All Pet Solutions Round Slicker Brush in Grey - for Dogs and Cats. The AllPetSolutions ® Slicker Brush is fitted with thin and bendy steel bristles that ease out tangles more gently than a comb. The flexible bristles are able to penetrate the coat more deeply to remove any loose hair, mats and tangles

Groom Room Ball Pin Dog Slicker Brush Small. £6.00. Size: Small. FREE Click & Collect in as little as 1 hour. FREE Delivery on orders over £39. Product Description. Suitable for dogs and puppies. Suitable for delicate and sensitive skin, long and wire coat types. These products have been designed in conjunction with colleagues at the groom. Slicker Brush: This brush comprises of short fine wires that are placed close together on a flat-surfaced brush. This brush is a must for long-haired German Shepherds and many medium-haired dogs. It's used to detangle and prevent matting. Many use slicker brushes instead of pin brushes The FURminator Firm Slicker Brush is the ideal brush to remove surface mats and tangles from medium, long and curly coats. With straight bristles on one side and bent bristles on the other as well as a dual flexi head design the brush follows the natural contours of your dogs body, keeping the bristles in their ideal working position meaning. Rosewood Dog Medium Slicker Brush has been discontinued. Browse similar products in Dog Grooming. Rosewood Dog Medium Slicker Brush 0350261. 5 out of 5 stars. Rollover to Zoom. Touch to Zoom. Rosewood Dog Medium Slicker Brush 0350261. £3.00. 5 out of 5 stars This brush really reduces the time it takes to brush out your poodles' hair (by 40%). The downside is the cost. As a premium dog brush, it costs $64.00. 2. Andis Premium Firm Slicker Brush. For a more budget-friendly slicker brush, I highly recommend the Premium Firm Slicker Brush by Andis. This one runs for about $5 to $10 and is the best.

SLICKER BRUSH. Although a wiry haired dog breed does not need the same day to day maintenance that many longer haired breeds require, it's still important that you keep a regular brushing routine. For this we recommend a slicker brush. These are made up of thin wires that are angled away from the pet's skin Mikki Dog and Cat Puppy Grooming Slicker Brush Easy Self Clean X-Small,Cat Puppy Grooming Slicker Brush Easy Self Clean X-Small Mikki Dog and,Free delivery and returns on eligible orders, Buy Mikki Dog and Cat Puppy Grooming Slicker Brush - Easy Self Clean, X-Small at UK,Free Shipping Worldwide,Get your own style now,Get Great Deals & Fast. Use 1-2 times every week for 10 to 20 minutes per session on dry hair. Item #: FURMINMLH. From £22.45 inc. VAT. Compare. FURminator Dual Dog Grooming Brush. FURminator Dual Grooming Brush is a 2-in-1 brush with hard and soft bristles which grooms and finishes the coat. Use daily for 5-10 minutes each session Slicker Brush. The slicker brush comes in large and small sizes to accommodate your animal. The shape is usually square or rectangular with a wooden handle and thin metal wires for the bristles. The wires are mounted on a rubber mat. To use the brush, gather the mat in one hand as you use the slicker brush on the mat with your other hand

Amazon have the Ancol Ergo Universal Slicker Brush 'Medium' for dogs on offer for £3.99 instead of the RRP £6.49. There is free delivery on this item for Prime members. *Product Description * Ancol Ergo Universal Slicker Brush - Whisks away loose fur - Bendy pins for comfort - Effective moulting and detangling too NEW PET CARE RANGE SAME QUALITY Pack size: 3 Dimensions: Dimensions: 18.2cm x 9.8cm Medium Slicker Brush Code: 2530 17.2cm x 8.2cm Small Slicker Brush Code: 2531 Pack size: 3 Dimensions: 20.4cm x 4.6cm Medium Comb Code: 2532 Pack size: 3 Dimensions: Dimensions: 20.4cm x 4.6cm Course Large Double Comb Code: 2533 Pack size: 3 Dimensions: 22.5cm x.

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*Carding wool with dog rakes and slicker brushes.* I have used dog slicker brushes as hand cards to process wool and it can be done, if you are patient. Carding is a great excuse for sitting in front of the TV or watching DVDs. I would sit down with a paper grocery sack of washed wool on one side and empty paper grocery sack on the other side Andis Self-Cleaning Dog Slicker Brush The Andis Self-Cleaning Dog Slicker Brush is ideal for removing tangles, dirt, and loose or dead hair. It helps spread natural oils throughout the coat to give it a healthy and glossy shine. This brush will stimulate skin and hair follicles while removing dead hair at the same time UPC: 709996860321. EAN: Does not apply. SHARPER IMAGE Pet Grooming Bristle and Pin, Comb and Brush Combo Multi-purpose Grooming Tool This double side combo is an ideal brush for pets. Brushing feels good to your dog or cat, massages skin, and releases natural oils into fur to bring out its shine. Ergonomic handle is secure and comfortable in. Soft Pin Slicker for fine/medium coats. Removes dead hair from undercoat and top coat. Helps brush out minor knots and tangles. The flexible head gives a more gentle experience for you and your pet. Curved back for natural action. Available in small, large and extra large. More Info Find Stockist