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A double industrial piercing consists of two industrial piercings, one placed below the other. It looks trendy and stylish and adds a lot of attention to your ear piercings. Accessorize them right to ensure all eyes are on you whenever you are in the company of people or public view. You can also go a step further and flaunt a triple industrial. A vertical industrial piercing can pierce a few different areas of the cartilage. Often, it entails a helix piercing and a conch piercing, two coch piercings, or the rook and the conch. The double or triple industrial piercing consists of multiple industrial piercings. It's most common to see them in a standard industrial piercing, but you. Industrial piercing is the double perforation of the upper ear cartilage with a single long barbell. Other names like bar or scaffold piercing may be used in different parts of the world, but all of these names describe the same piercing. A few different variations exist of the industrial piercing, including the double, triple, and three point. All Piercings Performed at Tommy T's Body Piercing in Huntington Beach, California. All Jewelry Used is Implant Grade

Well, I don't have a Lobe piercing but, the industrial pierces thru cartillage, so it hurts alot. The Lobe pierces only thry flesh and skin so it should hurt a lot less than the Industrial. Well I have, recently, made a Nipple piercing, the pain was weaker than the industrial What a great ear project ! This girl is being pierced with two industrial piercing at the same time, it means four holes in the cartilage the same day. It wi.. This is a question you should ask in person a professional piercer. Just to be extra clear - a professionally trained piercer working at a proper piercing studio, not an untrained shop clerk with a stud gun! Human ears are as individual as thumbpr.. An industrial piercing does not look nice in any way at a workplace. A straight piece of jewelry that connects two piercings in an ear looks too over-the-top and grabs a lot of unnecessary attention. It doesn't sound nice to say but they are considered to be slutty at certain places

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  1. Gold Mountain Seamless Industrial Bar - 14k Yellow Gold Fill Industrial Barbell - 20g 18g 16g 14g Industrial Piercing - Custom Double Ear HighPassBodyJewelry 5 out of 5 stars (2,341) $ 45.50 FREE shipping Add to Favorites 14g 16g Blues Beaded Wrapped Industrial Barbell Scaffold Cartilage Piercing Jewelry (32mm, 35mm, or 38mm!).
  2. An industrial piercing involves the ear cartilage being pierced in two separate areas that are connected with a long, straight barbell 1. At times, a keloid can develop on the industrial piercing site 1. A keloid is a rounded, raised red or purple scar. Although the cause is unknown, keloids may subside with home treatment
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  4. Conch piercing got such name because of the obvious analogy with the conch seashells. Bound bead ring, covering inner and outer ear area would look just amazing with it! All you need to know on conch piercing. Industrial piercing. Industrial piercing is quite unusual, as a double puncture is connected by a single barbell

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  1. What is an Industrial Piercing? Industrial piercing is referred to those kind of piercings in which two holes are connected with the help of a straight jewellery piece. However, the term generally refers to the double hole made on the upper part of the ear cartilage. One perforation is made close to head while the other is made a little lower on the cartilage
  2. The industrial is usually a scaffold piercing that joins the helix and the anti-helix part of the ear, however, it can also join other parts of the ear such as a vertical double conch, a rook-daith, an anti-helix-rook, and a daith-lower conch. It is possible to have more than one industrial in a single ear
  3. Flavors. Industrial Piercing Bar. Please double check owners manual or original bulb size to confirm before placing an order. 100% Premium Long-staple Combed Cotton, perforated synthetic that will limit ripping while maintaining breathability. are rolling element bearings with a thick-walled outer ring that rotates directly on cam and track surfaces. otherwise it is difficult to guarantee.
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  5. Double Helix Piercing Cost. Varying double helix piercing shops charge different costs depending on the experience of their piercers, the shop's popularity, and the shop's location. Because you are receiving two separate piercings, double helix piercings will cost twice as much as a single cartilage piercing
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The cost of industrial piercing ranges from $30 to $90 depending on the shop you get it from, piercer who gives it to you, and how many piercings you want to get. 5. How to Reduce Industrial Piercing Swelling. Using tea tree oil or coconut oil on swab has shown to be incredibly effective in reducing inflammation Double Hoop Twist Earrings - Single earring or a Pair of earrings • 8 mm Two Piercing Earring • Tiny Huggie Hoops • Minimal Spiral Earring • Double Cartilage or Helix Piercing. 4.3 out of 5 stars. 115 Double stud Curb Chain Earring - Industrial piercing - Sterling Silver or Stainless Steel Chain hypoallergenic Studs - Handmade in Britain This a new version of our classic double stud chain earrings but with a curb chain instead of a trace chain for a slightly more stand our look. Two ball stud Well, when you get a navel industrial, you can't physically join together more than two piercings. You get either the upper and the lower navel piercings or the right and the left side. Of even both - if you want to get a double navel industrial! In this case it's going to look as if a cross has been inserted into your belly button

Double Helix Piercing: Image Sources flickr. You have two helix points on your ears; both reside next to the industrial point of your ear. However, that doesn't mean Dual piercing will be done only at these points of your ear; rather, any point on your ear that needs two holes around the cartilage at one time for one piece of jewelry will require double helix piercing Triple ear piercings are stylish and stunning when the jewelry comes as a set or complements your other pieces. Whether you want 3 cartilage or lobe piercings, this style looks good with studs, hoops, and cuffs. Flawless and feisty, girls can always start with a single or double piercing and eventually graduate to multiple piercings At Claire's we pride ourselves on providing a sterile and hygienic piercing service. Our ear piercing specialists use a high quality Studex System 75 instrument. This means you can benefit from a system which offers: Fully disposable, single use, sterilized cartridges for hygienic and effective piercing. Pre-sterilized earring cartridges which.

An industrial piercing is a double piercing that goes into the middle part of your outer cartilage and through to the top part of your ear. This is usually connected by a bar or chain. Since you're getting two holes pierced at once, it means you're getting double the pain 14 Gauge White Synth Opal Rose Gold Tone Dangle Double Industrial 38mm. If you're tired of ordinary jewelry in your industrial piercing, check out this unique and on-trend style with this 14 gauge helix barbell! It has a total length of 1 1/2 and is made with a pair of rose gold tone PVD over 316L surgical grade stainless steel barbells, with cone-shaped ends in white synthetic opal The Dos and Don'ts of Double Helix Piercings. I was reading through my old diary last night, trying to figure out when Kit the cat came to live with me, when I discovered that I got my double helix piercing on the 3rd of April 2016, a little over 2 years ago. Having the piercing has been a bit of a journey An industrial piercing (North America), sometimes called a scaffold piercing (UK/Ireland) or construction piercing, is any two pierced holes connected with a single straight piece of jewelry (compare to orbital piercing); however, it typically refers to a double perforation of the upper ear cartilage specifically. Two piercings are made, one fairly close to the head (forward-helix piercing. As well as single, pair and multiple lobe piercings, we also offer the following services: Cartilage Piercing* - This is located at the top of your ear, the flat section near the natural curve of your ear. Our ear piercing specialist will talk you through the perfect placement. Age restrictions apply

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258k members in the piercing community. Almost anything involving poking holes in flesh with sharp metal Industrial Bar Piercing. Placement: On the upper ear. Pricing: $30-100. Pain level: 5-7/10, but it varies greatly from person to person. Healing time: Typically between four to six months. Aftercare: Wash the piercing sites with sterile saline solution twice a day and allow to air dry until fully healed

Industrial Piercing For an ear piercing with maximum impact, an industrial piercing is a great option! This piercing combines a helix and anti-helix piercing with a single straight barbell. It's an incredibly striking piercing that works well on its own to give you a more avant-garde look Flavors. Industrial Piercing Bar. Please double check owners manual or original bulb size to confirm before placing an order. 100% Premium Long-staple Combed Cotton, perforated synthetic that will limit ripping while maintaining breathability. are rolling element bearings with a thick-walled outer ring that rotates directly on cam and track surfaces. otherwise it is difficult to guarantee. Some piercing names are also dependent on the type of jewellery you wear in the piercing - for example an industrial piercing must use a long barbell, or it becomes simply two upper ear piercings. Segment Rings. Barbells. Piercing Retainers. Nose Studs. Ear Piercing Jewellery. Labret Studs Double pink zirconium industrial piercing Piercing Type - Barbell Body part - Ear Rod diameter - 1.6 mm Rod length - 38 mm Shank material - Surgical steel Main color - Silver Stone color - Pink Prestalia e-commerce solutions

Industrial Piercing / Scaffold. More commonly known in the States as an industrial piercing, a scaffold piercing is the combination of any two piercings made with a hollow piercing needle to connect a single straight piece of jewelry. It's also quite common to pierce the forward helix multiple times for a double- or triple-forward helix BodySparkle Body Jewelry Double Jeweled Industrial Barbell Piercing Earring 14g 1 & 1/4 inch-32mm Turquoise Color 3mm End Balls. Zantt Men Cotton Button Down Long Sleeve Plaid Checkered Shirt at Men's Clothing store. 10-pair ~ Casual Yoga Running Socks for Women and other No Show & Liner Socks at, Superior cushion insole with honeycomb construction offers maximum comfort and ventilation. The Dos and Don'ts of Double Helix Piercings. I was reading through my old diary last night, trying to figure out when Kit the cat came to live with me, when I discovered that I got my double helix piercing on the 3rd of April 2016, a little over 2 years ago You can also get a double or a triple forward helix piercing (as below). Cost: £20-30. The most popular kind of industrial piercing is through the anti-helix and helix, connected using a long.

Double forward helix piercings: This kind of piercing might look a bit extreme, but it is the same process as the single type. Double or two perforations are mostly on the upper layer of the ear with a single or double jewelry added to the spot. But the only thing is the pain of this double piercing is a bit higher than the single type 15-year-old wants double ear piercing; Experience with industrial bar ear cartilage piercing? Painless, professional ear piercing for 15-y-o; 16 Y.O. Boy insisting on piercing his ears; Where to get 10 year old's ears pierced; A better place than last time for 13 year ol Find the best Piercing Shops near you on Yelp - see all Piercing Shops open now. Explore other popular Beauty & Spas near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers 6. The Scapha and a double lobe piercing. The Scapha is a piercing on the flattest area at the top your ear, just 'inside' the helix. Common designs include four tiny studs in a diamond formation, or three in a row! SOURCE: over.matter. 7. The Daith piercing. The Daith is the inner most cartilage of your ear

19. Slick guy scattered with cool piercings. With a double eyebrow combo, a septum piercing and a few ear piercings, this guy looks slick! 20. Pretty boy relies on symmetry. Two flesh tunnels and snakebites create perfect facial symmetry for this pretty boy. 21. Double rings in the cartilage. The ear's cartilage heals completely in. For piercings, you may need to document the type and location of the piercing. Contact the establishment ahead of time to discuss what your teen will need to get a tattoo or piercing if you are not going to be present. Safety . Tattoo and body piercing shops are regulated by the government. However, that doesn't mean all shops are created the same Triple industrial piercing with double tragus and eyelet. Aug 21, 2013 - Another fantastic earmageddon project. Triple industrial piercing with double tragus and eyelet. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe. Oct 28, 2018 - Cool Simple Multiple Ear Piercing Ideas at MyBodiArt.com - Double Lobe Earring - Industrial Barbell - Spiral Triple Forward Helix Ring - MyBodiArt.com #helixpiercin Piercing Price List - 717 Tattoo. 717 Tattoo Studio Piercing Price List / Menu. Item. Price. Single Earlobe. $25. Upper Cartilage. $35. Both Earlobes

Orbital Piercing. R200***. *Tragus Surface Prices are R350 for a steel curved barbell (not recommended), R400 for a titanium curved barbell, and R500 for a flat surface bar with plain disks. This is a really good price because I want to make it affordable for you to choose the right option. **I pierce this very differently - it's a very. BodySparkle Body Jewelry Double Jeweled Industrial Barbell Piercing Earring 14g 1 & 3/8 inch-35mm Dk. Green 5mm End Balls: Clothing. Both end balls are jeweled 。 Long Steel Straight Barbell is perfect for 14 gauge industrial piercings 。 23 colors available 。 Both end balls can be removed 。 Industrial earrings for men, women or teens Faux body jewellery is our secret weapon in the world of looking awesome. Style up your look with cool faux septum hoops for your nose, try out a cheeky faux belly clip, or make out you've got ear plugs with our faux styles. And the best bit is the fact there's no scary piercing involved! FREE delivery available Crusting after body piercing is perfectly normal —this is just the result of your body trying to heal itself. 1  Dead blood cells and plasma make their way to the surface and then dry when exposed to air. While perfectly normal, these crusties do need to be cleaned carefully and thoroughly whenever you notice them

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Body Jewelry & Body Piercings. No body is complete without the edgiest body jewelry available online at Hot Topic. Whether you are looking for earrings or some septum piercings, whatever your taste, we've got you covered. You will navel go wrong with these belly button rings! Raise the jewelry bar with some of the hottest barbell jewelry and. 262830323436384042 Double Ear Barbell 14k Yellow Gold Seamless Industrial Bar Upper Ear Bar 14g 16g 18g 20g Industrial Piercing,Ear Bar 14g 16g 18g 20g Industrial Piercing 262830323436384042 Double Ear Barbell 14k Yellow Gold Seamless Industrial Bar Upper,One piece unique hand made minimalist seamless industrial bar made with solid 14k yellow gold, designed for those who dont like the. Secondly, any piercing will begin to look healed long before it actually is healed. This is because wounds heal from the outside first towards the inside in order to protect the healing wound from bacteria. Some healing piercings even appear healed with a thin skin across the outside layer, but this can be torn easily when changing jewelry When our customers come in for piercings, one of the most common questions we get asked about is what piercing methods we use. At Almost Famous Body Piercing, we offer both the gun (non-cartilage area of the ear lobe only) and the needle piercing method.We do use needles for all body piercings, including those on the ear lobe, but we will not use a piercing gun on any piercing other than the.

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  1. _ [ Options ] Available in 2 Options : Silver / Gold _ [ Materials ] Ball-end & threaded bar: 316l Surgical Stainless Steel Colored Ball-end: Nickel-Free plated 316l Surgical Stainless Steel Front piece: Nickel-Free plated brass & CZ _ [ Measurement ] The bar is 16 gauge x 1/4 (1.2mm x 6mm). Big Flower [
  2. Industrial and Orbital Piercings. Nothing can ever match the cool look of an industrial piercing. Two holes are done on the upper cartilage. A horizontal wire is used in connecting these two holes. Most often, an arrow-shaped earring is used to make it look dramatic. Orbital piercing is a bit similar to industrial piercing
  3. A single ear piercing is old news—this year, we're all about ~quantity~! All our favorite celebs and influencers have jumped on the multiple ear piercings bandwagon, and it's high time that you did, too. If you're tired of your usual ear candies, read on for the prettiest combinations that will make everyone do a double-take
  4. A septum piercing (the tissue between your nostrils) can hurt a lot for a short time but heals quickly because the septum is so thin. And if you have a deviated septum or similar condition, this.
  5. @unicorn_kitty97 has adorable double lobe piercings! A post shared by Ear Piercings 101 (@earpiercings101) on Jul 14, 2013 at 4:44am PDT . My ear piercing closed overnight, what should I do? At times, you may follow all the advice given religiously, and the piercing may look healed, but against all the odds and in other cases, after months.
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Double Nostril piercing is a variation of nostril piercing where three holes for jewelry are created on the top crease of the nostril. It is perceived that this kind of nostril piercing is more adventurous and bold. The jewelry used is studs or nose bone, nostril screw, l-shaped nose pin, nose hoop, circular barbell, and even captive bead ring A Piercing Pro will first clean the surface of your ears with a disinfectant solution swab. They will then pierce your ear with a Professional Piercing System. This system consists of an instrument that creates minimal discomfort and ensures the right amount of pressure is carefully applied to effectively pierce the ear and insert the ear. The piercing sits in between both sides of the tongue muscle in a layer called the medial lateral, and they generally heal up in about 8-12 weeks, but need to be downsized with a shorter barbell.

Aug 3, 2020 - Explore Claire Abigail's board Piercings on Pinterest. See more ideas about piercings, ear piercings, piercing jewelry BIMBA SR-124-DNT STAINLESS DOUBLE ACTING PNEUMATIC CYLINDERS *2 PCS* 6005/C3/Q BL Deep Groove Ball Bearing. KP723A = IRFZ44 Silicon Transistor USSR Lot of 4 pcs. 3mm*6.5mm*6mm 5pcs HF0306 One Way Clutch Miniature Needle Roller Bearing An industrial piercing is definitely eye-catching. A true accessory for your ear, this type of piercing consists of two holes. There are classical industrial piercings ideas, which are based on making two holes that are connected with the help of a long, straight jewelry, but also wackier ideas that combine one or more bars, which aren't necessarily straight Industrial Piercing- sometimes called the bar, scaffold piercing or construction piercing is any two pierced holes connected with a single straight piece of jewelry. Industrial Piercing is a double perforation of the upper ear cartilage specifically. Two piercings are made, one fairly close to the head and the second further down the helix, on. You can get a double and triple auricle piercing if desired. LEARN MORE. Helix piercing. We also provide piercings of the upper ear, also known as the helix. You can get a single, double, or triple piercings. LEARN MORE. Industrial piercing. The bar or industrial piercing is a piece of jewelry that is connected by two pierced holes on the ear.

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The industrial piercing has a pretty punk reputation. Lopez explains it technically just means two piercings connected by one piece of jewelry. Steel isn't the only choice: It can be a thinner. Industrial: 14g is the most common size for industrial starter jewelry. However, some people choose to wear slightly smaller jewelry, such as a 16g barbell, while others prefer to start with a larger size like 12g. You'll find that more of our industrial piercing barbells are available i That means you've come to the right place. Wanting to know what a piercing means tends to make it more valuable to you, and it can also come with a story to tell. If you're going to take things a bit historical and religious, you're free to, or you can opt for the more contemporary reasons behind the piercings. Let's get into the little-known meaning of 8 piercing locations The Do's and Don'ts: Tattoos and Piercings in an Office. Seeing working professionals with multiple piercings and exposed tattoos is becoming more common as younger people enter the workforce. More than any other generation, Millennials are all about being uniquely individual, whether it is with the way they dress, the piercings they have.

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An industrial, or scaffold, piercing is made up of two holes that are connected by a single piece of jewelry (usually a long barbell). An industrial piercing is commonly made through the cartilage on the upper ear, with one hole close to the head and the other further down on the outer rim industrial: piercing-5 healing-5 (be careful during healing!) forward helix: piercing-9 (idk why but this is the only piercing I've ever made any kind of noise, like a small scream at) healing-2, 3ish nipples: piercing-4 healing-8 (for a good week or 2 after the piercing, even the smallest of tasks like washing your hair are the worst ever Probably one of the most common meanings of body piercings is to keep up with trends or to be in style! It could be due to peer pressure for teens, but it also has a lot to do with fitting in and being well accepted. I have pierced ears, and for me it was a matter of fashion and personal tastes! I love wearing cute earrings Double amethyst stone industrial piercing Piercing Type - Barbell Body part - Ear Rod diameter - 1.6 mm Rod length - 38 mm Shank material - Surgical steel Main color - Silver Stone color - Purple Prestalia e-commerce solutions An industrial piercing connects any two piercings with a single straight or curved barbell. Connecting a forward helix and mid-helix is the most traditional version of this option. 10

The auricle is a relatively large area, so conch piercings aren't relegated to just one spot. In fact, piercers recognize two types of conch piercings: the inner conch (pictured above), which is located near the center of the ear, and the less popular outer conch.. The outer conch is above the depression and could also be defined as a lower helix piercing, the studio explained Cartilage piercings are gaining momentum in the western culture. Both women and men are lately obsessed with these kinds of piercings. If you want one, or are dealing with its infection, this ThoughtfulTattoos extract will guide you with care instructions and things that you should consider before getting a double helix piercing done Jul 4, 2014 - Piercings♡ Double crossed industrial Conch Daith Tragus+Anti Tragu

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A helix piercing is located in the upper cartilage of your ear. Like the conch piercing, there are different types and tons of helix piercing locations. A forward helix piercing is located in the cartilage at the top curvature of your ear closest to your head. Some people opt for one helix piercing, and others get double or triple helix piercing This double conch, duh. Add it to your lobe and daith piercings to take your ear to the next level. 4 Kaia Gerber's Ear Piercing. View this post on Instagram. A post shared by Studs (@studs) Even. Sure, earlobe piercings are where most of us start (remember Claire's?), but an industrial or helix piercing is, well, kind of a big deal: It can seem daunting and maybe a bit intimidating. But. There are two types of double helix piercings: one is the double helix piercing and the other is the double forward helix piercing. The double helix piercing is done on the cartilage of the outer upper ear. It has a similar placement to the helix piercing, the only thing that is different is that it involves two piercings, hence its name. SIMPLE PIERCINGS - R250. Helix / Upper Ear / Conch. STANDARD PIERCINGS - R300. Eyebrow / Labret (Lip) / Nose / Belly / Rook / Daith / Tragus. ADVANCED PIERCINGS - R400. Nipple / Industrial / Septum / Smiley / Tongue. ELITE PIERCINGS - R450. Surface Piercing / Micro-Dermal / Genital. All our piercings are done with a brand new sealed.

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  1. In general, a snake eyes piercing will take between 4 and 8 weeks to heal, during which time you should take very good care of it. Tongue piercings tend to be the fastest to heal, and the easiest to take care of. It should not be forgotten that a snake eyes piercing is a surface piercing, which makes it more prone to rejection and migration.
  2. What is a double helix piercing, or triple? While the classic helix style involves piercing the upper outer cartilage once, if you have two or three piercings in the same spot, just above each.
  3. imum is $50. Body piercing and dermal piercing. Single hole piercings $40 (nose,lip,eyebrow,ear ect.) Double hole piercings $70 (snake bites,nipples,industrial ect.) WE DO NOT DO MALE GENITALIA PIERCINGS
  4. Age requirements and consent for piercings (includes Children's Double Operator Ear Piercing): WA. If you are under 16: You can be pierced on any part of the ear or body (excluding nipple and genital piercings) with a parent present on the day to provide their Photo Identification and a Medicare card with both the child and parent name on the.
  5. Something's missinga conch piercing! By Celticroots · Nov. 05, 2016 · 0 comments. Growing up, I wasn't into piercings. Until Junior High when I saw girls with cartilage piercings, wearing cheaply made studs with the crappy butterfly backs. I had two holes in each ear done with the awful gun back before I find out how disgusting they are

Ear lobe piercings can take 6-8 weeks to fully heal, and ear cartilage piercing 4 months to a year. Follow proper aftercare throughout this period. Follow these steps to clean a mild ear piercing infection: Wash your hands; Clean both sides of the piercing with a saline solution (sprays minimize irritation) Do not remove the piercing jeweller Piercing specialist Stephanie Anders, who's pierced the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba and Cameron Diaz, explains that, 'The tragus is the part of the ear that attaches to the side of. 5. Look for any discharge or pus. It is very normal and healthy for a new piercing to ooze some clear or straw-colored fluid that then might crust around the jewelry. This is lymph fluid, and it is a part of the healing process. On the other hand, thick whitish or colored discharge (yellow, green) is probably pus Healing Crystal 316L Stainless Steel Seamless Industrial Bar Double Piercing Industrial Barbell 20g 18g 16g 14g Industrial Piercing. Star Earrings Moon Earrings Star and Moon Earrings Set. oxidized silver jewelry Golden sunstone and garnet necklace gothic style pendant, Gobi Agate Stag Beetle Gobi Desert Agate Pendant Stone Craft hand original natural vein gobi agates handmade. tiger eye.

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Body Jewelry,Upper Double,★ This is good gift for yourself or friends, ★ All item will be sending to package pack in a standard gift box, ★ Please check the options and size ===== Heart Wing Stud,Cupid Piercing,Industrial Barbell,Up to 50% Off 300,000 Products,Easy Return,BEST Price Guaranteed,Best prices,Best choice for every a customers to get authentic goods Cons of Body Piercing : Ear piercings are the most common and doesn't pose a lot of health hazards, but those done on lips or tongue or belly button may result in fatal infections. The jewellery metal usually used for piercings is nickel and some skin may be allergic to this metal leading to metallic reaction which causes infection

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SPGW #2XL (3/8) X-Long Neck 12mm Self-Piercing Grommets & Washers (500 Pcs of each) $ 62.60 -. $ 72.60. Select options. Quick view. Compare. Add to wishlist. Close Shop from our huge selection of high quality body jewelry. Barbells, belly rings, plugs and tunnels, labrets, nose rings and so much more. Get free shipping on $20+ orders I've wanted to get an industrial for a while but I'm worried my ears are to thin to support it. I have tall ears and the back fold is mostly just a little bit of skin and then nothing else. My ears up top are like paper thin but some people said it might be fine because I have enough fold higher up,I could really use some more opinions on this Industrial Barbell Ear Piercing-Earring Jewelry-Double bars-Surgical Steel-14g-14 G Gauge-Silver Tone-Gold Tone-Dangle Chains -14 or 16 gauge gauge -Gold or silver tone bars -Stainless steel 316L Piercing for your upper ear, For my similar design follow this link:,The best-selling product,Wholesale commodity,here to give you what you want,Tax-Free Teardrop Tiger Eye Ear Gauges Plugs Tunnels Expanders Natural Stone Double Flared Earrings Piercing Jewelry (00g(10mm)): Jewelry,Authenticity Guaranteed,shop for things you love,Free Delivery and Returns,To provide you with the ultimate comfort platform

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