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The wait is finally over! Season 2 of The Mandalorian premieres today, streaming only on Disney+.To celebrate the all-new episodes of the live-action Star Wars series, we've created a new quiz to help you determine your place in the story so far. Are you the hero of it all, masked and mysterious, with armor that conceals a heart of gold In the Mandalorian culture, families were referred to as clans. Each clan worked under a particular house, or political faction.1 For example, members of Clan Wren were allied with House Vizsla.2 Some other clans include, Clan Awaud,3 Clan Eldar, Clan Kryze, Clan Rook,4 Clan Saxon,5 Clan..

Which Mandalorian Character Matches Your Personality? I would take a bullet for Baby Yoda. by mattwasshie. Community Contributor. 450 points. Create a post and earn points In the Mandalorian Mercs, a 'Clan' refers to a localized group of members that regularly attend events in the same area. Often times, this is set to cover state/province borders, and in some cases may encompass an entire country. Clans are the backbone of the club, and provide a local family for our members to regularly interact with and. A clan is the basic unit of the Mandalorian society. It is essentially akin to a family, with the exception that clan members do not need to be related by blood. Case in point - Din Djarin and the Baby. A famous Mandalorian saying (from the old canon. Clan Sornell. Clan Spar. T. Clan Tenau. U. Unidentified Mandalorian clan (bomas) Unidentified Mandalorian clan (Cold War) Unidentified Mandalorian clan (Dantooine) Unidentified Mandalorian clan (dueling blade Are you a TRUE Mandalorian? 1 Comment. Hello! This is my FIRST quiz and I hope you guys like it. I do not expect at all for it to be a big hit. I'm just sharing my love for the Mandalorians with all of you. Enjoy! I don't have anything else to say so I'm going to fill the rest of this with random letters

20. You are a clan of two. — The Armorer. Not only does this pronouncement bind the Mandalorian to the Child by the Creed, it affirms that their fates have been tied together pretty much since the first moment they met You will raise your young as Mandalorians — and defend them. You will wear our armor, and speak our language. And you will serve the clan, and rally when called. These are the Resol'nare — the Six Actions — sacred to our movement. Do them — and you may live to call yourselves Mandalorians! — A Mandalorian Rally Maste

ALL Mandalorian Clans Explained for Mandalorian Season 2!In Mandalorian Culture, Mandalorians are organized into groups known as Clans. Usually these clans a.. level 1. whtwlf8. · 3h. I think a small part your answer really depends on whether or not you follow Legends/Extended Universe content. Mandalorians can marry aruetii (outsiders) in Legends. Kal Skirata is a perfect example. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like these marriages often go well due to the cultural conflict Who are you most like from the Mandalorian. 3 months ago Kenadie. Fantasy & Mythology Just For Fun. This is a quiz on who you be like the most from the T.V series the Mandalorian! Results include: The Mandalorian, Cara Dune, Grogu, Fennec Shand, and Moff Gideon! Enjoy 22. Pick the things that make up the Resol'nare. Defend yourself and your family. Speak Mando'a. Raise your children as Mandalorians. Rally when called upon by the Mand'alor. Wearing armor. Treat kids well. Strength, for the strong rule the weak Learn the history of Clan Ordo, one of the most famous Mandalorian clans in Star Wars history.---Subscribe for more Star Wars videos every day!---Support the..

Fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars were in for a real treat on chapter 11 of The Mandalorian, which brought Bo-Katan Kryze into the mix. Here's what you need to know about Clan Kryze The Mandalorian // Clan of Two // Clan of You Valentine StudioXXVIICo. 5 out of 5 stars (2) $ 2.40. Favorite Add to Mandalorian, clan mud horn, insignia custom face mask NguyenerCreation. 5 out of 5 stars (19) $ 10.00. Favorite Add to.

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Clan Visla is the oldest clan in Mandalorian history. The oldest member of Clan Visla was Tarvisla, who also happens to be the very first Mandalorian to become a Jedi. Clan Visla ruled Mandalore for many years until Clan Crese took over the planet and exiled Clansla from Mandalore Lider: ᴹᴺ|Shashi|Decanos: ᴹᴺ|eXtremo, ᴹᴺ|aShoka , x , x .MIEMBROS: ᴹᴺ|Asesino Djgringo Caaamilalala Muna Cerbero Diego.. Server Description: This is a server on a game called, Garry's Mod. It will occur within the Star Wars universe following the theme of the Mandalorian culture. Within this server you will be permitted to roleplay as a Mandalorian whether as part of a clan or starting your own business. There will be events, minigames, and constant roleplay The Mandalorian Clans, also called Mando'ade which meant Children of Mandalore in Mando'a, was the name given to the warlike, nomadic group of clan-based people, called Mandalorians, consisting of members from multiple species. (Seriously, she was a card-carrying member of the Star Wars Fan Club when she had no other real … We use cookies Cerar Clan's Jaro Senaaro keeps their suit hermetically sealed, no matter the environment. You never know what nasty space toxins are in the atmosphere! #MMCC #BountyontheBayou #MandalorianMercs..

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Everyone Has A Character From The Mandalorian That Matches Their Personality — Here's Yours. I. Have. Spoken. by Allie Hayes. BuzzFeed Staff. BuzzFeed Quiz Party! Promoted by Walmart+ You can have your Mandalorian character, and come up with all kinds of lore for them and their clan which follows the officially established Disney canon, but you'll be mostly ignored by other writers who just do whatever they want, so it makes grouping together in a coherent faction impossible Hey there, I have ideas for the future of my character and I'd like to discuss with anyone willing to roleplay out the traditional ways of joining a Mandalorian Clan. Whether that's adoption or marriage, I'd like to be able to prove myself to the clan, whether proving oneself is through trials or a great feat If you know about mandalorians and like clan vizsla well this is for you I just got a model and repainted . . Download skin now

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Check out our the mandalorian clan of two selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops Which The Mandalorian Character Are You? The Mandalorian is an American space Western television series that begins five years after the events of Return of the Jedi and the fall of the Galactic Empire and follows Din Djarin, a lone Mandalorian bounty hunter in the outer reaches of the galaxy

Does anybody know what Clan ranks are in Mandalorian culture? I am not talking about the military ranks of a Mandalorian grand army (so no Field Marshal or Mandalore) but ranking within a single clan. I have heard of Alor, Vod, etc but I do not know if that is accurate or if that is the proper way of writing it. Thank you for your help There are three ways of one to become a mandalorian, either you were born into a mandalorian clan, adopted to a mandalorian clan as a child, or adopted in as an adult, as mandalorians accept and train any age, but they are not mandalorian yet but are known as Young warriors, or new bloods, the young warriors must train to know the cultures. The Deathwatch Guard was a collection of different Mandalorian warriors from different houses that came together in opposition to the new government and leadership of the Duchess Satine (Kryze). Duchess Satine Kryze The Deathwatch was not consider.. In case you're fuzzy on the Mandalorians in The Clone Wars or Rebels, here's a quick primer for you. Bo-Katan is a Mandalorian from the planet Mandalore who fought to keep control of her planet.

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One of the tenets of the Mandalorian Code is devoting one's self to the welfare of the clan, and honoring other Mandalorians and their sacrifices. By doubting Boba Fett's right to his father's armor, Djarin rebukes the tenet and discredits Fett's clan as warriors who fought to preserve the Mandalorian way of life Crossover, Cross-Genre or Themed kits are Mandalorian kits that share elements with other characters or groups within or outside of the Star Wars universe. If you want to add non-Mandalorian elements to your kit, start with your basic Mandalorian and add in those elements and inspiration from the non-Mandalorian source Mandalorian Clan Hokan General information Founder(s) Ghez Hokan Leader(s) Fortris Hokan Headquarters Subterrel Historical information Formed from Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders Founding c. 2 BBY Other information Mandalorian. So few of our vod, our brothers, know what that word means. They have forgotten what it means to wear the armor, what it means to speak the language. They have forgotten. Mandalorian Resistance can be taken as a generic unit, but you can also take Clan Wren, consisting of a single 2-health Mandalorian, Ursa and Tristan Wren. Notice the two heavy weapon icons on the card to make it legal to take both The offer to join a Mandalorian clan is made, but you have the choice to accept it or not. The Children of the Watch, however (and the Mandalorian Death Watch that spawned it), won't exist for another 3500 years or so

— The Mandalorian. 14. You know you're not so bad for a droid. He is a bounty hunter and member of a clan formed after the Great Purge, referred to as The Tribe. The characters enter a quest to find the Dark Saber. The Mandalorians often find and adopt children into the Mandalorian culture Number six, Mandalorian symbol and clan emblems. A circle with a piece of wheat across it followed by a teardrop in the upper left corner and the signets of a Mandalorian warriors clan on the lower right, is the crest found on most Mandalorian armor, along with the emblem of an elongated skull or Kry'Bes as it is known in Mando'a, the. First, you can join forces with the Mandalorian Resistance to throw off the shackles of the Empire. Alternatively, members of the legendary Clan Wren are ready to lend their special abilities to your forces. No matter which units you choose to bring to the fight, the seven Mandalorian miniatures you find in this expansion are highly customizable You do not require special permission from the creators to do so. This is a Clan-wide resource created to foster cooperative writing and world-building. You are absolutely free to use the Okami. Can my existing character become an Okami Mandalorian? Any character can become an Okami Mandalorian

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The first time you heard This is the way on The Mandalorian, you probably wondered what it means.The repeated phrase gets some serious airtime when the still-unnamed hero of the show encounters. Mandalorian Clan Solus' main goal is to unite all of the Mandalorian clans, organizations, and anyone who shows interest in becoming Mandalorian in-game, into one single entity within the game (with all of the clans/organizations still retaining their identities and holdings). When we eventually get enough organizations and members to join us. A prominent member of the Tribe, which was a well-managed Mandalorian organization during the time of the New Republic, Paz Vizla proved his devotion to his people's code by fighting to protect Din Djarin escape to safety with the Child. RELATED: 7 Anime to Watch if You Love The Mandalorian The Mandalorian. Earns His Signet and So Much More in Chapter 8, Redemption. The first season of The Mandalorian comes to a close with a noble sacrifice, a parting of ways, and a lot of baby.

Mandalorian Clan of Two Stitch and Progress Marker Set. Inspired by Mando and Grogu in the Mandalorian Series. These stitch markers are great for a knitter or crocheter. Include in a swap package, teacher gift, or a little pick me up for the knitter in your life. Choose either: * The Child in hi The little Mudhorn Clan was joined by notable names including Boba Fett (Temuera Morrison), Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen), Bo-Katan (Katee Sackoff), Greef Karga (Carl Weathers), Peli Motto (Amy Sedaris), Mayfeld (Bill Burr), and Luke Skywalker (voiced by Mark Hamill).The Mandalorian team is beyond thrilled to be recognized for a second year in a row, said Kathleen Kennedy, president of. Mandalorian Brothers & Sisters. 5,417 likes · 50 talking about this. We're just a simple group trying to make our way in the universe You must learn and speak Mando'a, the language of the Mandalorians; 2. You must wear the Mandalorian armour with pride; 3. You must defend your family with your life; 4. You must honour your clan and ensure its prosperity; 5. You must answer a rally if called to fight; and 6

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  1. Lines In The Mandalorian That Mean More Than You Realize. The Mandalorian is a bonafide hit. It's no mystery as to why: The show is loaded with gorgeous cinematography, fabulous sets, and.
  2. Mandalorian Raiders is available to both Republic and Imperial players, and is designed to be experienced around level 25. Background. The rogue Mandalorian clan Varad has taken over a Republic Valor-class Cruiser The Allusis. Your group has been tasked to take the ship. You successfully boarded The Allusis by breaching the ship's hull in an.
  3. Jun 9, 21. [PFC] Niyain Ikari registered to Mandalorian Armed Forces. May 13, 21. [Pvt] Skadetch registered to Mandalorian Armed Forces. Apr 22, 21. [Pvt] MsDessiBliss registered to Mandalorian Armed Forces. Apr 1, 21. [Cpl] Egg created a new thread Maf Arma 3 Event Night! in the Miscellaneous Games forum. Mar 18, 21 · 4 Replies · 317 Views
  4. Mandalorian clan structure was like a pyramid, with the ruler or Mand'alor at the top and the Protectors enforcing their rule. _udn = none; Mandalore (Rank) Edit. Top: Mandalore and the Protectors Do you get advantage on the Steel Wind Strike spell's attacks because you vanish? They serve as advisors to regimental and corps commanders, and.
  5. The Mandalorian (Beskar) can be unlocked by now for free. Which would then give you 3 leads that would apply to 4/5 of the team. Its fine if you wish to assume you need the Armorer to win, but that's not based on anything, which is why I was suggesting it's too soon to make that call

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Mandalorian. Mandalorian Clan. Mandalorian Culture. Summary. We call it, The Mountain. She is not a real mountain, but the thing within us that causes us so much fear, so much anxiety, it blocks our view of the world. ~ Unknown Chibala. We knew this day would come Now, as the story expands and we get to know these characters a little bit better, we can finally figure out just where everyone is starting to fit in the universe. And that means you, too. If you want to know which of The Mandalorian characters fits you like a glove, then take the quiz and see

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  1. Unless, well, you look back. The first season of The Mandalorian is filled with storylines left dangling and relationships that go unexplained. Any one of those threads could hold the keys to what.
  2. It is the goal of the Mandalorian Mercs to be an inclusive and family-friendly club, following the Mandalorian way of life as part of a clan, family unit, and a clan's ability to adopt anyone who wishes to become a Mandalorian. If you are like us and your aim is to make life better for those who need our help and be part of a non-profit.
  3. The Mandalorian won't return until early 2022, but that gives us another year to speculate about Season 3.The Star Wars show from Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni went deeper into wider canon with its.
  4. Before you know it, Star Wars fans throughout the galaxy will be sitting down in front of their TV screens to start Season 2 of Disney+'s The Mandalorian.There isn't much time before the sophomore.
  5. Clan Eldar Mandalorian. Endorsements. 8. Unique DLs-- Total DLs-- Total views-- Version. 1.0. Download: Manual; 0 of 0 File information. Last updated 21 May 2021 8:05PM. Original upload 21 May 2021 8:05PM. Created by Devastator . Uploaded by Savager34. Virus scan. Safe to use . Tags for this mod. Tag this mod Description; Files 1; Images 3.
  6. Heavy Mandalorian Clan Vizla, Death Watch | Custom LEGO $4.95 Loading In stock. Quantity Please select a quantity Add to cart Whoa! You can't buy your own item. Arrives by Apr 15-19 if you order today. Nice choice! Enjoy free shipping to the US when you spend $35+ at this shop. Apr 15-19. The estimated delivery date is based on your purchase.

The Death Watch, originally founded and led by members of Clan Vizsla, but later taken over by the non-Mandalorian Maul, has been variously characterised as a clan, a crime syndicate, and a warrior faction Still not a (droid) name generator. this was NOT a mandalorian name generator like the site claims. will you take my test!!!star wars 2 and 3, and kotor 1: guiessing name game are the names. Hey Icheng, why don't you try one of my Star Wars tests? You need to put some harder questions. But it was still pretty good

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(Clan/Stronghold). The name Mandalorian Mercs was derived from two sources. First, the previously mentioned Star Wars Galaxies group and the second came from the S tar Wars Insider #80 a rticle titled M andalorians 101 by Abel Pena. In April of 2007, a small makeshift website was launched along with a small forum The clan was designed to have a friendly and helpful atmosphere, where members help each other and share some laughs. If you need help with any area of the game, you will not have trouble finding it. APG1 is more mature and laid back with a lot of veterans, while APG2 is young and motivated

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  1. With The Mandalorian on Disney+, curiosity in the culture and history of Mandalore is at an all-time high. It's been of interest to Star Wars fans for years because of the popularity of Boba Fett, who wears the armor of a Mandalorian - but we learned through the course of Star Wars: The Clone Wars that the iconic bounty hunter was not actually a member of the culture of Mandalore and.
  2. You must wear Mandalorian armor. You must defend your family. You must keep your clan secure and successful. You must answer a call to battle. You must ensure that your children follow the.
  3. Mandalorian Clan Symbol? General Discussion. 7 comments. share. save hide report. 84% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. level 1. 5 points · 1 year ago. I recognize that as the Tzimisce clan symbol (Vampire: the Masquerade). It doesn't have anything to do with Star Wars, as.
  4. The Mandalorian focuses on one bounty hunter in the 'Star Wars' world, but learning what a Mandalorian is will help you understand the series in a deep way
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commando state of mind - an attitude that he/ she can do anything, endure anything, and achieve the objective. A blend of complete confidence and extreme tenacity instilled in special forces during training. Can also be used informally to describe a determined, focused person. ram'or. [RAHM-ohr] attack, beseige The Mandalorian, the live-action Star Wars series that introduced Baby Yoda, brought back Boba Fett and saw the return of a certain Jedi, is getting a third season and several spinoffs on Disney. An agent of the Bounty Hunters Guild and a veteran of the Galactic Civil War are joining the fight in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes later this month alongside a mysterious masked Mandalorian.. And StarWars.com is excited to share the new character designs from The Mandalorian, streaming now on Disney+, joining the crew in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.. In the game, Greef Karga, the strategic. I have a question about: Hi Team, I was just wondering if there was a CRL under development yet for Bo Katan Series 2 The Mandalorian. I checked the Modern Era CRL's and can't see anything at the moment

Depending on the clan, the position of alor could either be attained through duels, votes, or simply through heritage. Gogi: A gogi was a veteran Supercommando. Highly esteemed in Old Mandalorian society, they held considerable influence in their clans and their sole duty was to train future generations of Supercommandos Clan Fett was a Mandalorian Clan that consisted of some of the most infamous members of the Mandalorian culture to exist. Members of the clan were known for their tactical superiority and for being skilled warriors. At some point between the end of the Mandalorian Wars and the start of the Mandalorian Civil War, a majority of Clan Fett's members were either wiped out or had abandoned the. Nimble (After defending, if you spent 1 or more dodge tokens, gain 1 dodge token.) Retinue: Sabine Wren (At the start of the Activation Phase, if you are at range 1-2 of Sabine Wren, gain 1 aim or dodge token.) Mandalorian Resistance only Upgrades. Beskad Duelist; Tristan Wren; Ursa Wren; Jetpack Rockets; Available Through. Clan Wren Unit Expansio Wearing Mandalorian armor, the symbol of the Mandalorian people who have mastered self-defense (knows how to defend themselves and defend one's family) Children in the Mandalorian tradition raise children devoting themselves to the welfare of the clan speaking Mando'a The Mandalorian language, Mando'a answer on the call to the action of. Amazing! You got a PERFECT score! You sure do know your Mandalorian trivia some true Yoda-level wisdom right there. An outstanding result! Well done

Relive your favorite moments from Star Wars: The Mandalorian! This colorful, dynamic, action-packed storybook lets young readers relive the highlights of the first season of the smash-hit Disney+ live action television series, Star Wars: The Mandalorian. From the Mandalorian himself, to his adorable bounty, the Child, and other characters like. This Mandalorian clan were hired by a local warlord to guard his cannons as they fire on Imperial forces that enter into his land. However they were defeated by a Imperial spacer that was hired to take of the cannons. Star Wars: The Old Republi All of which is to say, you might went to spend the downtime between the first and second seasons catching up on any Mandalore and Mandalorian plotlines from Clone Wars and Rebels. (Season 2 of. MANDALORIAN CLAN PERSONNEL BUNDLE. You can now get customized alerts about changes in the Cartel Market in your email. You will only recieve one email containing all of the changes that happen at the same time. You can choose to get alerts for individual items or categories

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  1. g organization comprised of and operated by Star Wars fans. While it is not sponsored by Lucasfilm Ltd., it follows generally accepted rules for Star Wars fan groups
  2. Clan Ordo is one of the clans of the Mandalorian Empire. It is the oldest Mandalorian clan, behind the Fett Clan. Bralex Ordo currently is the Aliit'alor, or clan Leader, of Clan Ordo. The main base for the Ordo clan is based on the planet of Ordo, in the Eastern Outer Rim. Most members of Clan Ordo are skilled in mathematics, design, and engineering. 1 History 2 Area's of Clan Ordo's.
  3. Which 'Mandalorian' Character Are You? Written by Joe Robberson. play-again
  4. The appearance of a Mandalorian's armor was largely up to the individual, as the highly independent Mandalorian people customized their armor with different colored paint schemes, clan and unit sigils, personalized glyphs, or other marking patterns in accordance to their own tastes
  5. iatures to your collection, enough for both a Mandalorian Resistance and a Clan.
  6. Din Djarin is a Mandalorian, but so is Bo-Katan and her clan. The original Mandalorians were a migratory clan-based people of many species, all connected by one common culture
Star Wars: Legion - Clan Wren Expansion Preview - Bell ofSkirata Mandalorian (2Fortnite - Where to Find the Razor Crest | Attack of theMandalorian Symbol Wallpaper - WallpaperSafariStar Wars: What is the Mandalorian Darksaber?

The Mandalorian creed has some of the most interesting mythology in the Star Wars universe. For starters, much of this intergalactic clan don unique armor and are skilled combatants Review. Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) is a Mandalorian warrior who has sworn an oath to reunite his young ward, The Child, a mysterious, Force-sensitive being, with his own kind. His solution: asking. The Mandalorian: A Clan of Two (4 out of 5 stars) The Mandalorian: A Clan of Two is another children's book written by Brooke Vitale and illustrated by Tomatofarm (Tommaso D'Alessandro). This book is geared towards ages 5 to 8 and features a little more in-depth storytelling, though it's still very easy for young readers to read Nor had you planned on being employed by a Mandalorian wanted by the empire for kidnapping a random baby, having an imperial bounty on your head, and tagging along on dangerous bounty hunter missions. Least of all, you REALLY hadn't planned on somehow integrating yourself into the tiny clan of two you found yourself in This is the server where you are able to live out as your own Mandalorian OC or use a canon. This is all fanmade so we don't judge if you have a canon but don't act as them. We ask that you don't make your character OP and respect the rules we have set for the server. We have plenty of chats for you to RP on and just chill with fellow mandalorians

This Mandalorian Clan Symbols - Sith Symbol is high quality PNG picture material, which can be used for your creative projects or simply as a decoration for your design & website content. Mandalorian Clan Symbols - Sith Symbol is a totally free PNG image with transparent background and its resolution is 400x400 Everything You Need To Remember Before Watching The Mandalorian Season 2. Season 2 of The Mandalorian is coming in hot, and fan anticipation has reached a fever pitch. There's just one problem. Sideshow Collectibles sent its new Mandalorian life-sized The Child (aka Baby Yoda) replica to join our brood. Life with a Force-wielding 50-year-old hasn't been easy, but he hasn't soiled the. Clan Fett is one of Mandalore's oldest clans, alongside other notorious clans like vizsla and cadera. This in turn means that he, and by extension Boba, are mandalorians of Clan Fett, and since Boba is the currently only known living member (Correct me if I am wrong), he carries their name's entire weight. Another homage, if you will Mar 23, 2020 - Explore Jeff Towles's board Mandalorian clan kryze on Pinterest. See more ideas about mandalorian, star wars art, star wars

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Star Wars: The Mandalorian: A Clan of Two Age 10 - 14 years 10 - 14 years 5 - 8 years 5 - 8 years About Featuring sixteen double-sided pull-out posters from season of Star Wars: The Mandalorian. This collectible book is full of exciting artwork of the Mandalorian, the Child, and more As established back in The Mandalorian season 1, Din Djarin has worn Mandalorian armor ever since he was a foundling, and was raised among a Mandalorian clan who taught him that removing his helmet in front of another person would mean surrendering his identity as a Mandalorian. He was tempted to do so in episode 4, Sanctuary, when romance. A place for fans of The Mandalorian to watch, share, and discuss their favorite videos. The Mandalorian Club Join New Post. Add interesting content and earn coins @The Djarin Clan. video. the mandalorian. crack. chapters 10-13. fanvid. star wars. tribute. humor. 1. The Mandalorian | Crack #2. added by rakshasa @The Djarin Clan. video. the. In this video I'll be going over my top ten Mandalorian armors in Star Wars: The Old Republic. While watching, keep in mind you don't need to be a Bounty Hunter to wear most of these armors by using the outfit designer to create outfits. These armors are going to range from the expensive and rare to even something a novice bounty hunter. The Mandalorian stepped forward. Obi Wan smirked. And that must make you my new padawn. The Mandalorian gave a small nod. Padawn learner Ezra Bridger. Anakin blinked. Mandalorian Jedi, I thought Mandalorian's weren't able to be force sensitive. Obi Wan chuckled. Well my old padawn, you seem to have failed to listen during Jedi history