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An Arshi Fanfic The story starts right after the terrace drama between Shyam and Khushi And Arnav has seen Khushi in Shyam's embrace What will his reaction be? Let us find out #90 in Fanfic... More detail Changed - ArShi FF (Completed/Under Editing) Fanfiction. What if Arnav uses Khushi for his revenge? What if he throws Khushi out after using her? What if he meets her three years later and gets the biggest shock of his life? Would their love bloom again ? Read the story to know more !! 52.7K 2.7K 11. Khushi rescues Arnav from Shyam's clutches. Arnav and Khushi returns safely to Raizada Mansion. Khushi confrontation with Shyam takes place, NK supports her, Payal too comes forward to support her, and except Arnav no one believes Khushi. Arnav throws Shyam out of the mansion after two to three slaps Khushi: Arnav ji please don't do this she said with a trembling voice. Arnav reach on top of her and took his belt out of his waist and tied up her hands and took off her blouse khushi was useless all she could do was cry Arnav unclip her bra and throw it away and cup her breast. Khushi: Arnav ji please don't do this I beg of you PART 10 (in Wattpad) - pg 75 or here at pg 77 PART 11 & 12 Khushi headed out to prepare dinner when her ears caught a husky laugh. She turned to see the remnants of a rare smile on Arnav's face. Arshi FF: Ours Arnav-Khushi: Dil se Dil tak-CH :50;pg 159(NEW) Vandy_KD 1267 158514. Vandy_KD : 1267: 158514: 2.

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  1. Khushi gulped as she cried out louder in fear. Khushi : shut up. ( khushi throws the pillows at her as she stood up to get fresh ) I am going to get change !! Arnav looked at khushi before pulling her agisnt him by her waist Before He held her hips and pulling her Churidar down along with her panty while unzipping his own pants.He.
  2. Continuing Arnav & Khushi's Hamesha . She still remembered the line of sweat that would break upon his brow, the way he would throw his neck back in the throes of ecstasy, the small tattoo upon his chest, which she liked to kiss intermittently. It was an out of body experience, one that transcended the physical world and what.
  3. Arnav was back home. He had told his mother about the baby and his mother was more than happy getting this good news. What bothered her was the seperation of Arnav and Khushi though. Arnav was totally shattered with the recent incidents. He just wanted her back but may be he really had messed up with his wife for wrong reasons
  4. ute, Khushi ran out of the room with Payal and Akash throwing pitying looks at her out of sympathy. As Khushi ran out of the room, she saw Aman sitting in the waiting room, his eyes closed, his head leaning against the wall
  5. Arnav had taken out Khushi for boat trip, hiring a private boat they went over coast past hidden coves and jungle covered hills, spotting loads of dolphins, before mooring at a secluded beach which is from Palolem called Butterfly beach. It was calm and serene away from the crowding of tourist. The sands are white and water translucent
  6. Arnav dialed Khushi's number for the umpteenth time and yet again Khushi disconnected after a few rings. What the exclaimed Arnav and threw the phone on his bed. Arshi FF : Not Cut Out For Love (51) Arshi FF : Without You (42) Arshi OS/SS : Short and sweet (39) durga (20) Epic Channel (24) Espresso Shots (42) Festive Specials (6

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ArShi FF - Changed. What if Arnav uses Khushi for his revenge? What if he throws Khushi out after using her? What if he meets her three years later and gets the biggest shock of his life? Read the story to know more !!! Article by Wattpad. 1.1k Posts about ArSHi ff written by zaniamorph7. The Imprisoned Romantic. Search. Primary Menu The whole family had found out the full gory details of Arnav and Khushi's marriage: the 6 month contract, and all that Khushi had bore with a smiling face. in Delhi, Arnav awoke from sleep with debilitating nausea. The urge to throw up was so. Apr 17, 2019 - What if Arnav uses Khushi for his revenge? What if he throws Khushi out after using her? Apr 17, 2019 - What if Arnav uses Khushi for his revenge? What if he throws Khushi out after using her? What if he meets her 3 years later and gets the biggest shock of his... Pinterest. Today. ArShi FF - Changed

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  1. Arnav Khushi Fan Fictions by Madhu. Read Arnav Khushi Fan Fictions by Madhu from the story Arshi Non-Wattpad Index by Flutterin_Fire (RF ☮️) with 5815 reads. arshi, arnav, asr. Site: Facebook
  2. The biggest fashion tycoon of india.All scared of him.He's Power,rich,stringent.He lost his parents in an accident when he was 10 years old and Now lives alone in Delhi. Khushi Kumari Gupta. 21 years old. A Cute girl who The Harsh World makes her quiet.Her Mother dead when she was 12 years old.her father is lush and cause he lost everything and.


  1. Sep 5, 2019 - What if Arnav uses Khushi for his revenge? What if he throws Khushi out after using her? Sep 5, 2019 - What if Arnav uses Khushi for his revenge? What if he throws Khushi out after using her? What if he meets her three years later and gets the biggest shock of... Pinterest. Today. ArShi FF - Changed
  2. Apr 17, 2019 - What if Arnav uses Khushi for his revenge? What if he throws Khushi out after using her? Apr 17, 2019 - What if Arnav uses Khushi for his revenge? What if he throws Khushi out after using her? What if he meets her three years later and gets the biggest shock of... Pinterest. Today. ArShi FF - Changed
  3. Khushi Arnav Raizada extended her hand out. ***** He knew even when he was sixteen he would not have indulged in a pillow fight and here he was hitting Khushi with a pillow! But he wanted to throw caution in the wind.. Arshi FF : Not Cut Out For Love (51) Arshi FF : Without You (42
  4. FF : THE BRIDE [SEASON 2] Mahaupdate. Arnav let out a deep sigh as He leans against the Wall of the Hospital , Responsibilities are what He have always get inherited being the Royal Blood !! and Fulfilling the Responsibilities of being the Royal Blood , He himself forget there is a life for himself apart from playing the role of YUVRAJ and.
  5. Arnav took hold of her hand and took her to the adjacent glass door sliding the screen aside; Khushi gasped 'wow there is a pool too' Arnav nodded at her smiling, her took her out pulling her along with him, walking down the steps they stopped at the other side of the glass wall which Khushi could see another room, Arnav slid open the glass.

Arnav, however, seems to hate the sight of her, and throws her out of the room on the first night. After getting a warning from Anjali, Arnav relents and lets Khushi sleep in the room ' however on the couch. Khushi tries adjusting into the family, however everyone except Anjali and Nani seem to have a dislike towards her Reply indi January 8, 2016 at 5:45 pm. chump change. i love that phrase and i learn something new.. thanks, saman. i am delighted of course you liked the wedding and the story itself. thanks. abut writing asr khushi stories, i thought i was done with tha, then suddenly a need to write the new year story. have a feeling, if i let the stories come to me, they'll appear. and i am sure that. Arnav lingered till he was the last to leave and as Khushi stepped out the door, he slipped right behind her. Walking in tandem to the car, Khushi was barely aware of anything but him. The air around her seemed to scorch and she moved instinctively to put some space between them

Posts about Arnav and Khushi written by arshiforever123. Arnav got off the couch and tried prying the floorboard completely off. Within a few mere seconds, he was successful and the floorboard was removed, revealing a small opening containing a folded, slightly wrinkled, yellowed page I am sorry too Khushi! Saying so Arnav hugged a red-nosed Khushi. All this did not go unnoticed but the whole family who stood around them smiling at these two. Arnav and Khushi fought a lot. But they were best of friends. They hit and fought with each other but when some one else hurt their best friend, they would fight together A table was arranged and the a boy was taking out the Gol Gappa pieces from the big bag fastly. Arnav and khushi was sitting opposite and throwing the Gol Gappa inside them. Khushi dupatta had a stain too and Arnav's shirt was dirty but who cares when you are playing a very enchating and exciting game. Arnav wants to win and khushi too Lost Love. After calming their nerves with the intensity of their Love-making, Arnav kissed her forehesd and traced her swollen lips with his thumb. Arnav: You're the most beautiful women Khushi which happened to be mine and tonight is was the most beautiful night of my Life.. Khushi smiled meekly, tired

Arnav woke up in the morning, blinking as sunlight fell on his face. He turned his head to look at Khushi. She was asleep, her long lashes shielding her eyes, her beautiful form covered by the blanket. He smiled. Seven days and nights of love and peace hey devi maiyya, why had she imagined she could throw herself on him like that and nothing would happen. ek number ki buddhu hai tu, sanka devi! she admonished herself, her eyes closed tight. arnav khushi romance arshi ff : not cut out for love arshi new year arshi ss ipk ff: not cut out for love ipkknd fanfiction. 76 Comments. By indi

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Chapter 4. Khushi was ambling touching the red roses. She was waiting for Arnav thinking about Love. Really, real Love is explained in Sad Novels/Stories. She saw him approaching to her, she hurriedly Calmed herself and again settled her Beautiful hairs. Arnav smiled at her and she smiled back in excitment A little later, Arnav came out of the bedroom after making sure Khushi was fast asleep. Manav had given her a sedative to calm her nerves. As he came down stairs he saw Anjali sitting in the living room, Manav next to her. As he began to give his statement to the police Anjali began to cry

Distant Horizon - Chapter 9. On March 27, 2020. March 27, 2020. By Charlotte74. On Sunday evening, Khushi sat at a restaurant waiting for Shyam. She had gone home after returning from Indore to update her parents about the what had happened at the police station. She had only told them that the ASP would be investigating the issue and that. A heart breaking prologue. Oh no, Have khushi forgotten Arnav . How will Arnav repent after breaking her heart.Does Arnav know about khushi's accident. Waiting for the story to unfold.Looking forward to read more. I know this also will be a beautiful story of Arnav and khushi. thanks for starting a new FF. Reply Delet FF- Arshi- FAIW- Chapter1 to Chapter 9. For All It's Worth. Arnav Khushi. Chapter 1. At two different corners of the world, two persons with complete different personalities blossom, only to meet later on. Either their meeting bind them forever or hatred seeps in them

Arshi here are so complex and closed books the only one who would expose their ins and outs being each other so watch in the space as Khushi makes Arnav open up and Arnav makes khushi open up ☺ Place and time :London- United kingdom as the plot goes further the place and persons will change. So here we go ,prologue is ahead **** 4) Saffron Fields - by IPK007 An unusual story of arnav and khushi and Jenny the writer has done a fabulous job !! 5) limerence - by mints23 An extremely talented khushi working in the office of Arnav and then catching his eye !! Really interesting read. 6) mine - by BlueMystique A fun light hearted story on arnav and khushi ! Arnav smiled to her and then made the car stopall around them there are only trees and plants, Arnav turned to khushi's side to pick her up in his arms -here we are angel, it's dark, you maybe can't see it but here all around the house, there is the most beautiful garden ever, you will love it, you will feel better here and it's your. Arnav literally raped khushi.. it is a crime and sin. so, for me, there is no such repentence is enough for Arnav. it will be the only justice if the truth come out infront of everyone and Khushi get her freedom back.. and get free from Arnav clutch marvelous.. wattpad ID : Mamree. Like Liked by 1 perso


  1. by simisanju25 in carpediem, Fan Fiction, love story Tags: arnav Singh Raizada, ARSHI, ARSHI ff, Bengali love story, extra marital affair, Fan fiction, Iss Pyaar ko kya naam doon, Love story, Romance After entering their bedroom Khushi slowly closed the door
  2. Loved loved loved the epilogue first part. Arnav after Khushi happiness and Khushi also after Arnav happiness. Arshi together, passionate. Patal and Akash together. Eager for the second part epilogue. Have commented on wattpad as well. Regards lily30 from IF. Like Liked by 1 perso
  3. #arshi #arhi #fanfiction #ipkknd #arnav #khushi, #arshi #arhi #ipkknd, #loveisintheair, #sarun #arshiff #arhiff Love is in the air ~ Part 1 Previous chapter Gupta House Shashi Gupta is a middle class working man, owning a small textile shop
  4. ent. Khushi also waited. For the flood of memories to topple the walls.
  5. shah 123 and digna dhimmer, sorry girls for taking so much time to update, but here a long one, hope you will like. Desire 15. I never Knew what I wanted until I looked into your eyes. There is kind of desire which transform your life upside down, take your breath away, make you so impendent to that person

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ARSHI FF: Gustakh Dil... (Stubborn Heart) Khushi pulled out of his arms and wipes tears off her face speaking to him: Khushi held Arnav's hand before he could say anything to Buaji and he turned to look at her as she gestured him not to then looked at the older woman who had being cursing her till now Colourful morning light hit khushi's face brightly..she hide her face under the pillow and moan feeling disturbance..she roam her hand beside her and found cold mattress instead Arnav..she slowly rise her eyes and saw empty room..she wonder where he went this early morning..when she try to call him suddenly an delicious aroma hit her nose..she smell the aroma deeply and let out carving moan. Monday, October 29, 2012. 29/10 - Epi 374 Fear, Doubts and Insecurities. Monday 29th Oct '12. Yes, Khushi trusts Arnav he says Arav cannot be his son and he's angry she could doubt his word when he told her that it went no further than dating. So she tears the report without reading it 2S: Cherished Malevolence |Shot-2B|. July 2, 2016 / Lucky Sravs. Thank you so much for your help, Dr. Saniya.. Arnav shook hands with the doctor as he retrieved the reports into his hand. It's all my pleasure, Mr. Raizada. And you're wife is a dear.. She smiled cordially. And please don't forget to inform Dr. Shreya too.

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Character Sketch The main LEADS Khushi Kumari Gupta: or (Khushi Thakraal) She is 18. Lives In London. She belongs to an upper-middle class family. She is an adopted child of Garima and Shashi gupta. Her real parents were neighbors of the gupta's. Her real mother, Tejaswini Thakraal, died after giving birth to her, that i Making a face Arnav took Khushi's hand and left from there leaving behind a shock family at fuming Anjali who wanted to simply throw Khushi out for taking her brother from her, a jealous Shyam and Lavanya while rest of the family shocked seeing Arnav getting so protective of Khushi Khushi gripped his shoulders and whispered his name in urgency. She tugged at the edge of his sweatpants with jerky, desperate movements and heard the low rumbling of laughter from him. Then he pulled briefly away pull them off and tossed the material on the floor. Her eyes adored the muscled planes of his chest

My Writing World: Mini FF- Arshi- Revenge time Part 1-9A. REVENGE TIME- Arshi SS. This is was an SS that I turned into a Mini FF, it will have 10 chapters. I have written the start of it a few months back. Although, I was never an ardent viewer of the show, but my little used to tell me about it, almost everyday and I hated the way Khushi's. ) on Khushi. When Anjali weekly retorts that Shyam have feelings for Khushi and agreed to divorce her for Khushi's sake, Shyam turns this thing upwards as well and says it was his plan to get Khushi's trust him so Shyam can find Arnav Manorama is confused - she totally remembers one of the kidnappers attacking Khushi Arnav! Khushi called out her husband's name in happiness entering his cabin without bothering to knock. She had some terrific news and she wanted to share with him immediately. Arnav's team of legal counsel working on a fairly large proposal looked at the woman who had broken the meeting, wearily

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Arnav had rented out a one bed apartment two stops from Khushi's home so that he could be close to her. But that apartment was just a namesake, because Arnav had pretty much moved into her place. They had started living together like a normal couple, met friends together, went out on weekend get aways Before I throw you out myself, get the hell out of here! she ordered. You need to be taught a lesson Mrs Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada! Arshi together after many obstacles and will continue to fight together. Will wait patiently for the next update. Regards lily30 from IF. Have commented on wattpad Arnav expected Khushi to open the door but it was Payal. Lavanya went inside and Arnav sighed. He wanted to meet Khushi. After the kiss, she didn't attend his call and switched the mobile off. Damn Inside GH Arrey, Lavanya, how are you? Yehhhh Kusiiii, See, who is here. Buaji shouted. Khushi came out and stunned seeing Lavanya Arnav went because he knew no one would talk to him and Khushi followed, wanting to divert her husband's mind. Just as they both sat down on the bed, Khushi heard her phone ringing. Reaching out, she picked it up from the bedside table. Amma Calling, it read. Khushi looked at Arnav who also had seen the screen Our Arshi (Arnav and Khushi ) finally snapped out of their daze. Arnav - We should order the drinks . Arnav - Khushi what are you saying Sanskar is too friendly and gentleman in all of us. Thank you and I have announcement to tell I am going to write my this very ff in wattpad too as He was my companion,you can read their too

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Last two updates showed such a lot of progress in terms of Arshi's relationship; Khushi albeit unconsciously, yet consciously checking out Arnav was my favourite! Arnav of course has already acknowledged his feelings and he has embarked upon a journey of being exposed to being in love; like feeling possessive and wanting to have mundane. Arnav looked at her fumingly and turned away. Khushi's eyes followed him as he walked towards the washroom. As he angrily pushed on the code buttons by the side of the door, Khushi breathed a sign of relief. Door unlocked, Arnav pushed open it and Tyara ran out to Khushi. She bent down and took Tyara into her embrace with teary eyes.

If not as Arnav and Khushi then we are here as Sanskaar and Swara. If we were not able to become ArShi, we are here as SwaSan!! Sanskaar runs out of the room. Swara follows him. He comes to a halt near the tree and sits there with a thump. Khushi, he speaks slowly touching the ground It saw Arnav and Khushi kick starting their journey of true commitment..(though Arnav had suddenly become downright flirtatious in his own way of course, and Khushi, much to his amusement, had begun threatening him with break-up threats and getting flustered and furious at a pretty fast speed).. Also, I loved how you have depicted out the concerned Lavanya. A true friend being concerned. It feels so positive to read the relationships you always portray ; be it Akash-Arnav, Lav-khushi, Anj-Arnav. So, again thank you so much for this lovely story-line. Last but not the least, take care of you. Stay safe. . Like Liked by 3 peopl When they started to run out of breath, Khushi used that opportunity to push at Arnav's chest, getting off his lap before he could tighten his hold on her. Looking away from him, her chest heaving, she said, We should go home. Clearly, she was still angry with him. And to be frank, he wasn't going to apologise either

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Khushi takes another glass and throws it on sanskaar Sanskaar looks. At her with surprise. Khushi: abb kise rona aa raha hai?? ( now who wants to cry??) All the people sitting in the dhaba are seeing them with surprise, shock, and what not! Arnav: khushi how can u do this??? Khushi takes a can of cold drink and again throws it on him So one more episode to the final countdown. Loved today's episode. Both Arnav and Khushi love their family to the max - Arnav doesn't show it but Khushi is emotional. Arnav can be detached from them but Khushi can't breathe without them. Today's episode was such a good one pointing out the differences between Arnav and Khushi's ideologies The slow burn romance. I expected Arnav to be hugging Khushi more than once, purely to comfort her.. during Anjali's bday party and when she was staring at the office building.. but I really loved how Sabi has penned out his feelings.. the way Arnav understands Khushi.. just loving this.. and very realistic.

Ughh.. such a bad luck. Khushi was just imagining Arnav in place of shyam during wedding reception and Nani tells her that her father reached out for Arnav's alliance. Poor khushi. i am sure Arnav will make her understand and i wish she come out of being constantly conscious about her past and starts living her life. Like Liked by 1 perso He was getting out of control. Arnav and abhay decides to take him up to his room. They hold him from either side and takes him out of the hall from backdoor. Khushi and pooja follows. But arnav asks khushi to be there only. It wont look good if both of them went missing. Khushi reluctantly agreed. Dp sees them taking sanskaar away. He decides. YJHJK : Markab Attack! Roshni talking to Armaan. She shows Rehan's wand. She gets scared seeing some bugs in the box. She throws the. Read More ». Admin November 4, 2020. 434

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Want traditional bedroom decorating ideas? Take a look at this elegant grey bedroom for decorating inspiration. Find more bedroom design ideas at theroomedit.co out flew the web and floated wide, the mirror cracked from side to side, the curse is upon me she cried, the lady of shalott. ~~~ lord tennyson ~~~ what a terrible night in anjali's life. out flew her dreams, her illusions shattered and cracked her inside, the curse was upon her, before her eyes. a curse she had held aloft and above all else, as her life's greatest blessing. she had given. Apr 14, 2020 - Prerish OS, Prerish FanFictons, Prerish FF, Prerish stories, Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2 ff , rishabh-Prerana FF, Prerish FanFictons, Prerish FF, Prerish FF, Prerna x Rishabh Bajaj, Rishab-Prerna FF, Rishabh-Prerna's Love Story, Prerish FF, Prejaj OS, Prejaj FanFictons, Prejaj FF, Prejaj stories, rishab-Prerana FF, Prejaj SS, Prejaj FanFictons, Prejaj FF, Prejaj FF, Prerna x Rishabh. See what Shaakira Bedeker (shaakirabedeker) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas Nov 17, 2013 - As displayed in Randwick 24 at Williams Landing Estat

ArShi FF - Changed. What if Arnav uses Khushi for his revenge? What if he throws Khushi out after using her? What if he meets her three years later and gets the biggest shock of his life? Read the story to know more !!! P.. Sep 4, 2015 - From table lamps and floor lamps to wall-hung lamps and pendant lights, perfect your bedroom lighting scheme with these bright bedroom lighting ideas Check out these grey bedroom designs, furniture and accessories to inspire your bedroom decorating project. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When the auto-complete results are available, use the up and down arrows to review and Enter to select. Touch device users can explore by touch or with swipe gestures

They feel like regular people with incredibly supportive families, yet being the Arnav and Khushi that made us all fall in love with. https://dawnnoonanddusk.wordpress.com. Author: Charlotte74. Desesrt Rose. Why? Because this was a story I read for the first time as a complete Arshi FF and the blog has been open since IPK days Feb 15, 2016 - Explore Carole Diffey's board (white) c, followed by 969 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about pure products, shades of white, white

Pine Tree | Go add me on Nanowrimo: Pinetree51400 Finally writing the first draft of the first book, I've been waiting for so long!! Britney Elder | Bachelor's and Master's in Psycholog

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See what Noelia (noelia8928) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas Pauline Allan | click her When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures See what Radhika Yadav (yneha4898) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas

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Rosalie Kohl is a young teacher who just so happens to live in a town full of supernatural-not that she would know about any of that. Even when her best friends, Laura and Kate, Sep 2, 2016 - Bedroom Painting Ideas That Can Transform Your Room - Owe Craft Feb 5, 2013 - It is hard to believe that this stylish home was once an industrial unit in south London. For more decorating ideas visit housetohome.co.u