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  1. A dent in the head may be due to a skull fracture. Skull fractures occur as a result of a blow or impact to the head. Injury to the skull can occur after any direct force, such as a car accident,..
  2. A dent in the head is a depression in the skull of an individual. What are the causes of a dent in the skull? The causes of a dent in the skull varies; some of the causes are cancer, trauma, Gorham's disease, Paget's disease of bone etc. What are the treatment options for a dent in the head
  3. A hit to your head can also cause the formation of a dent in head. For example, if you get stuck using a blunt object, it could cause the bones in your skull to crack, and this would then lead to the formation of an inward dent. Medical experts refer to this dent as the depressed skull fracture
  4. Every skull has a unique shape and many have dents. Below are 7 causes of a dent in the skull: #1 Head Injuries Trauma to the head can cause different surgical and medical problems, ranging from mild to severe
  5. Headphone hair happens when your headphones' headband exerts pressure on the hair and scalp, flattening the hair. This results in a dent across the area of the hair where the headband originally was. A man wearing headphones has his hair flattened by the headband
  6. I have two dents where my 650s sit on top of my head. What is weird is that the middle part that isn't cushioned on the headband is the one part that isn't dented in on my head, there are just two dents on either side where the pads push on the top of my head

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Tim Finds a Dent In His HeadThanks for watching!How To Support Tim:-Donate- https://streamlabs.com/timthetatman-Subscribe!- https://www.twitch.tv/products/ti.. Potential Causes of Dents in the Head. Whether genetic or the potential result of an injury, the main causes of suspicious dents found on the head include: Skull fracture: Often caused by a blow to the head, skull fractures result from a direct force like a car accident, fall, or physical assault. Symptoms can include headaches, impaired vision. Dents in the skull are abnormal and can indicate a serious medical condition. What Causes Dents in the Skull? According to Healthline.com, the number 1 cause of dents in the skull is trauma. Other causes are covered below

A 40-year-old man, with no medical history of note, came to see us with a dent in his head (figure). He had noticed the asymmetry about 5 years before, and it had increased progressively ever since. On examination, the scalp was normal. CT of the head showed massive destruction of bone, within a well defined area iv had this huge half pipe shaped dent in my head for as long as a can remember, had a ct scan done and everything looks fine, could this harm brain? Dr. Candace Spann answered. Dermatology 21 years experience. Coup de sabre?: It sounds like you're describing something called en coup de sabre. This is a kind of linear scleroderma, or autoimmune. Will the dent go away? As long as the dent in head is not caused by an underlying medical condition, headphone dent will simply go away. After all, it is actually not the skull that has the dent, but just the hair, and the marks that are visible due to the contact of the band with the skin If it's in the midline, it sounds very much like your external occipital protuberance. Some people have large, noticeable ones (like me) and some have almost non-palpable ones. It's part of the superior nuchal ridge (or line), which is where some neck and shoulder muscles insert. Here's a very obvious one from a stock photography site Dent in head is quite annoying and it isn't normal for anyone. Size of skull dent varies from a size of the tip of a finger to a big dent. Now, it is a rare form of disease associated with profound osteolysis

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Dent in skull or skull indentation can be caused by many different causes like Vitamin A toxicity, Chiari malformation, Head injury, Gorham's disease, etc. Sometimes they can also be present congenitally. If you have a dent in skull, you need to observe for any other symptoms that you have The dent actually indicates that a piece of your skull has fractured and is pointing inwards towards your brain. This is also a common injury sustained in car accidents or with a severe blow to the head. Wearing headphones will flatten your hair Everyone I know has complained about headphone hair at least once SUBSCRIBE for the latest LoLMoments uploading twice a day♡ Thanks for watching.Best moments of League of Legends StreamersShowcasing the best compilation of..

Today I found a dent in my head. I'm kind of laughing because I know how ridiculous that sounds but I was rubbing the top of my head and there is a big indentation. I have no idea why. Has anyone else had anything like this happen? Does anyone know anything about why there suddenly, well it seems suddenly a dent in the top of my head please let. a little dent on the left hand side of the top of my head.Could this little dent be the cause10 wks ago I had an eyebrow lift because of a sagging eyelid. I went to two GPs who...View answe Dear The dent on top of your skull bone may be anything from a nonfused plate since childhood to recent subcutaneous erosion of bone of unknown reason. You need to get it evaluated through a xray of the skull first, if inconclusive then a CT Scan of the skull would surely help along with consultation with your GP

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  1. The dent is very obvious, as is the fact that the back of my skull, on the left side, seems to protrude further outwards than the right. I feel that it gives my skull a lopsided appearance. The neurosurgeon said that he could fix it, but that the scars that it would involve would not be a worthwhile trade-off; it may look just as bad, if not.
  2. Head dents can develop as a condition or a symptom. However, they are more prevalent in men than in women. Although there are no genetic causes, genetics play a significant role in some syndromes that can lead to dents formation in newborns. Other risk factors include; family history, environmental triggers, and lifestyle factors such as.
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  4. To show you this dent in my head that's appeared overnight (pic included)? So I woke up this morning and came downstairs and my DH was like 'oh my god what happened to your head?'. I went to the mirror and I have dent in my head ?!? It wasn't there last night and I have no recollection of banging it
  5. g headset for years now. I have recently noticed my skull bone has dented perfectly where i always have my headset. I use a suspension style ga

someone else on here posted that their baby needed an mri of the brain due to this to check for damage. get a second opinion. good luck mama. I have dent in the back of my head. It isn't noticeable because I have tons of hair but I can feel it. Hoping it is nothing serious and just the shape of her head Dent In The Head, Plymouth. 839 likes · 1 talking about this. My collection of cosplay builds and photographs, happy to do collaborations with people and other cosplayers, commissions undertaken Bhupinder Kaur, MD. Hello, What you are having is collagen loss due to a side effect of the steroid shots. These indentations which have formed after steroid injections can take upto 6 months to heal and fill in when collages in formed but sometimes it may take longer or less depending on the depth of the indentations and the response of the skin

My skull has lumps and dents. No history of head trauma. Luckily for me, I have a full head of hair. 1 Likes. RhiaRN75, RN. Specializes in ER. Dec 7, 2009. My son and husband both have ridges along the suture lines. I have two dents exactly as you describe- on either side of my head above my ears.. It is cool to have dents in your head because as a teacher it is a sign of uniqueness!!!.. Curt Says: February 23, 2011 at 7:00 pm. Hey everyone. I have a big dent as a result 2 craniotomis and an attempted cranioplasty. Basically the side fixed is find but the side where the tried to transfer part of the skullhas two three inch wide craters Step 1. Drill a small hole into the dented club and insert the tool. After insertion, slide the tool up, down and around slowly inside of the club until you witness it begin to reform back into shape. Don't worry about the small hole in the club that can easily be fixed with either tape or paint. Step 2 This is a soft tissue dent. This can be due to; 1) Prolonged sleeping on the same side and part of pillow or something else causing pressure indentation. 2) Thyroid issue. 3) Dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. You may need blood work for above. This usually is a self resolving issue. Though this may recur. Please feel free for your follow.

Indentations can also occur if you wear hats or tight head wraps while your hair is braided. The braids are pressed against the scalp, resulting in tenderness and indentations. Remove the braids. Ideally, all braids should be removed. If this is not possible or desirable, remove the braids in the immediate area of the indentation Carol Thelen, CRNP, tells FirstforWomen.com that these dents on nails could signal a zinc deficiency. Additionally, Beau's lines are associated with uncontrolled diabetes and peripheral vascular disease, as well as illnesses associated with a high fever, such as scarlet fever, measles, mumps and pneumonia, according to the Mayo Clinic Head injuries are sometimes extremely worrying. A dent in head to can leave lots of people concerned regarding the effects these injuries could have on their bodies and mental health. However, our heads do have more than a few contours, counting to the temples and a few facial features, when a new dent appears wherever on one's head, it can lift concerns If your baby resists turning his head, check out this Torticollis information. Lymph nodes. One of the most common head worries that brings parents to the office is a pea-sized (or bigger) movable bump on the back of baby's (or even an older child's) head. This is usually an occipital lymph node The apparent dent on his head was because of the headphones that he was seen wearing during the stream. TimTheTatman, Cloakzy and NickMercs were engaging in casual banter on the stream, giving.

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I had one pair that the earpieces were closer to my face and I'd get temple dents. 3. Not in your skull, no. The pressure from the frames can make temporary impressions in your skin/fat/muscle. a bunch of weight. 5. The dents are in the soft tissue, not the skull. Get the glasses adjusted During a flare I noticed a dent in the top of my head which scared me worse than any other symptom because it was long and deep. Another appeared on the side of my head behind my ear. My hematologist sent me for a CT scan. It was ok. When I went to see Dr. Mayes she said it wasn't actually a dent but skin thickening that caused two raised. The skull should have an indented space in the back of the head. The rear lower part of the brain and the brainstem are in this space. In some people, this indented skull space does not develop well. This is called Chiari malformation. The space inside the skull is too small for the brain. As a result, the brain and brain stem are pushed downward Scratch And Dent in Hilton Head Island on YP.com. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Dent Removal in Hilton Head Island, SC

Dent in skull so worried Most of us have various dips and dents in our skull, the basic anatomy is the same with some variations in individuals. So, you probably have just not noticed it before. You can ring your GP for reassurance, but it most likely nothing to be concerned about A dent or collapse of the skull can be caused by traumatic injury resulting in a depressed skull fracture, pushing fragments of bone against the brain. This is the most common cause of the problem. Skull deformities can be caused by exposure to massive amounts of vitamin A before birth, although this complication is extremely rare Answer: Dent on the right side of the head ? From the pictures it appears you have a more pronounced suture line on the right frontal skull. When you were born your skull was open in certain areas for the brain to expand

A 67-year-old woman had a dent of her right brow associated with pain radiating to the temple for 2 to 3 weeks. She was otherwise asymptomatic. Her medical history included breast cancer in 2001 treated with modified radical mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation as well as follicular lymphoma in 2007 treated with rituximab and chemotherapy 7/19/2021 4:41 AM - Dent Heads - Paintless Dent Removal, Paintless Dent Repair, Dent Repair - 0 Comments ADAS cars sure are slick! From lane-change assistance to automatic brakes, they have loads of features that can make your commute and general driving life easier

I can feel a slight dent where the car door hit my head and it is painful to touch, a very sharp pain when i touch. Do I wait and see how i feel or is it quite important to be seen. reply; texasrlwhite replied on Fri, 04/23/2021 - 9:35pm Permalink. The exact same thing happened to me 2 days ago. I drove straight to my doctor and he said to put. Deontay Wilder has a dent in his head that could not have been caused by a glove, according to his brother and cruiserweight fighter Marsellos. Firstly, in an Instagram post from Marsellos. Some lumps or bumps occur on the skin, under the skin, or on the bone. There are a wide variety of causes of these bumps. In addition, each human skull has a natural bump on the back of the head. Take note of any other symptoms, like headaches, memory loss, and vision difficulties, which could be connected to a dent in your skull Where the hell did that little bald patch and dent come from. I was sat at my mates the other week and he noticed a small bald patch on the top of my head (I am so tall that normally no one can see that high, but I was sitting down), and because I cut my own hair (I just shave a 1 all over) he thought I had cut a chunk out by accident, but I. So, the question that arises by using headphones is The dent that is caused in the head from the pressure of the headphone right under the headrest, was that caused by headphones, or is it just an illusion?. The answer to this question is clear and pretty straightforward; yes, the headphone may make a dent in the hair due to the headrest.

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Treatment for head injuries depend on the severity. In mild cases, ice, rest, and extra cuddles are the best medicine.(Not a bad treatment for adult head bumps, either.) After a concussion. Dent Removal in Bulls Head on YP.com. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Dent Removal in Bulls Head, NY Masticatory muscle myositis (MMM) is an inflammatory condition involving the muscles of mastication or chewing in the dog. MMM is caused by an immune-mediated process targeted against specific muscle fibers; the immune system attacks the body's own muscles. MMM occurs in all breeds of dog, but appears to be more common in German shepherds. dent in my skull Skull Dent Skull dent accompanied by weird sensation i noticed a dent in my head, i lose balance all of a sudden while standing Blue Vein that has a sunk in feeling in 4 month old baby boy's head. Painful Cracks in Skull I have swelling at the base of my skull, primarily on the right side Basilar skull fractur 58 years experience Pediatrics. Floppy head: It depends on how old your child is Full head control sets in by 6 months of age. Send thanks to the doctor. 90,000 U.S. doctors in 147 specialties are here to answer your questions or offer you advice, prescriptions, and more. Get help now

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Taraxacum (/ t ə ˈ r æ k s ə k ʊ m /) is a large genus of flowering plants in the family Asteraceae, which consists of species commonly known as dandelions.The scientific and hobby study of the genus is known as taraxacology. The genus is native to Eurasia and North America, but the two most commonplace species worldwide, T. officinale (the common dandelion) and T. erythrospermum (the red. A dent in the head. Papeix C(1), Habert MO, Jarquin S, Cohen L. Author information: (1)Department of Neurology, Hôpital de la Salpêtrière, Paris, France. caroline.papeix@psl.ap-hop-paris.f I Suddenly Have 4 Severe Dents In My Head And I'm Trying To Accept My New Appearance. When I'm out in public now, I notice the looks I get from strangers, most of which seem to say 'Yikes! WTF!'. William Felice, who now has four holes or dents in his head after a procedure used to drain blood and other fluids Our team at Nationwide Dent Repair has been fixing door dings, hail damage, bent fenders, and more for over 20 years. We're the best paintless dent removal company in Indian Head, MD! Do you own a car, truck, or commercial vehicle? If so, we can help return your automobile to its former glory Atrophy (dents, depressions, holes) Steroid injections are a relatively common treatment for many inflammatory and autoimmune scalp conditions. There is rarely a day in the office that I don't perform steroid injections. These are very valuable treatments for many patients with alopecia areata, scarring alopecias and even some forms of.

I tried to take pictures to show where the dents are, but it's hard to see so I put circles where the dents are. The 2 little dents I'm not concerned with, but it's the larger one closer to the shaft & top/corner [the actual edge is not bent/dented -- the paint just chipped] of the head that I'm concerned with Craniotomy is a surgery to cut a bony opening in the skull. A section of the skull, called a bone flap, is removed to access the brain underneath. A craniotomy may be small or large depending on the problem. It may be performed to treat brain tumors, hematomas (blood clots), aneurysms or AVMs, traumatic head injury, foreign objects (bullets. I hit myself over the head with a pick-up truck a few years ago (don't ask), and it left me with a fair-sized dent in my noggin. My dent is in the parietal bone, where the side of your skull sort of angles up towards the top. That is the biggest thing that keeps me from going sly, and even a buzz cut makes me feel pretty self-concious about it posted 2011-Apr-11, 10:11 pm AEST. No, I'd say you can't dent your head with a headset. When you're a baby, your skull is very malleable, and it's possible to get a flat head from the constant pressure on your head when you lie down, but when you're older this doesn't happen as your skull hardens and fuses together dent in head after a fall. So DS fell 2 weeks ago and hit the front of his head on my eliptical machine. He only cried for 30 seconds or so and then went to pick out a book for me to read. When I was reading the book everything was fine but when I looked up he had a big egg. Called neighbor over she reassured me not to worry just keep an eye on.

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The Dent Bully offers the highest quality Paintless Dent Repair in Savannah, Bluffton, and the Hilton Head areas. Most repairs are significantly less expensive than a conventional body shop and the repair can be made in hours at our office instead of days or weeks at a body shop. Today's vehicles are practically dent magnets, whether from. Anterior fontanelle: Located on the top of the head, this diamond-shaped fontanelle is the one that most people know as the soft spot. It measures about 1 to 3 centimeters at birth, but can be larger or smaller. Posterior fontanelle: This smaller opening at the back of the baby's skull is triangular in shape. It usually measures less than. For Antony Starr, however, he got a dent on the head for it, and he never knew he was in for plenty of action during the audition of Banshee. Arguably, one of the standout actors from New Zealand, Antony Starr is the star of New Zealand actors export Dents in the scalp are a result of the cortisone injections. They do eventually disappear. Mine always did. Repeated injections in the same area especially if it is for an extended period of time will thin the skin. Perhaps that is why your derm is reluctant to inject an area that is already regrowing

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My husband hit his head a couple of months ago just on the left hand side of his forehead. He has a bruise which don't seem to go away and I feel is getting bigger. Should he see a doctor. View 1 Replies Head Injuries :: Dent In The Head After Hit And Fall. I fell and hit my head 2 days ago. There is a dent in my head and it feels mushy/soft Charles County Auto Body in Indian Head is the place with such capable hands. Our locally owned ASE/I-Car Gold Certified facility has been serving drivers throughout Charles and Prince George's Counties with top-quality dent repairs since 1971. No matter how small or large your dent happens to be, the team at Charles County Auto Body will. Dent Heads offers the Best Paintless Dent Repair in Bloomington, MN & the surrounding area. Since 2007, Dent Heads has removed over a million dents for vehicle owners in the Twin Cities metro area. Contact us for a free quote. 612-986-117 Dent in head: I've just noticed a dent in the back of my 3 month old head. I'm aware they have two soft spots and gaps between sutures but didn't think they were as obvious to feel. Anyone else's bub have this? - BabyCenter Australi Dents and other abnormalities in the shape of the skull can be caused by congenital disorders, such as craniosynostosis or Gorham's disease, vitamin A toxicity, trauma to the head and other conditions. Dent Neurologic Institute details the condition called craniosynostosis, or craniostenosis, in which an infant's sutures between the bony plates.

Find 146 listings related to The Dent Doctor in Hilton Head on YP.com. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for The Dent Doctor locations in Hilton Head, SC Re: Dent in my head from the straps Post by SlackerInc » Thu Dec 26, 2019 6:25 am I have a shaved head and am a side sleeper, so the dents in my scalp on the left side are very visible on my pale skin, a striking outline My head dent is in roughly the same position and of a similar size. I found it very disconcerting when I first discovered the dent, and for almost the 1st year it could be either very itchy or would leave me with a burning sensation around the site. I understood this was largely due to the fact that the nerve endings had been servered when they. How the Patented Click-System Works. Insert pin into hole. remove worn Head as shown. Clean Handle. Insert Replacement Head. Press in Head until you hear Click! Head is now safely & securely in place. Patented gasket seal assures maximum hygiene & secure fit. (2 Pack) Eco Dent Nylon Replaceable Head - Adult Soft W/Refill 1 Attach the provided bridge puller head to the glue and allow it to dry completely, about 4-8 minutes. Once dry, attach the bridge puller and slowly begin turning the dial to pull out the dent.

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Feb 28, 2015 at 7:19 am ET1 min read. Russell Westbrook had a dent in his head Friday. (AP) While recording his third straight triple-double, Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook took a nasty. any sign of skull damage or a penetrating head injury (such as a noticeable dent in the head) difficulty understanding what people say; unusual difficulty with reading or writing; difficulty walking or balance problems (other than slight dizziness) loss of power or sensation in parts of the body - such as weakness or loss of feeling in an arm. The dent I just noticed almost forgot about when raises eye brows. She fell head first into porcelein toilet slipped on towel over bath tub had awful bruise for weeks. I kind of can see discolor from far away

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Head injury. Symptoms of a head injury vary but include headache, nausea, dizziness, memory problems, confusion, and more. Sleep apnea. People with sleep apnea stop and restart breathing multiple times while sleeping. Dementia in head injury. Dementia resulting from a head injury may cause memory problems, difficulty speaking, and personality. The most common causes of childhood head injuries in the United States are motor vehicle accidents, falls, assaults, bicycle accidents and trauma related to sports. In infants younger than 1 year old, most serious head injuries are related to child abuse. Children often bump their heads accidentally, resulting in minor bumps, bruises, or cuts. Sickening pictures on Sunday showed a dent in the forehead of the veteran of almost 40 MMA fights, as well as a digital scan in which the front of the 38-year-old's skull looked like a boiled egg

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With an acute subdural hematoma, such as that caused by getting one's head slammed through the windshield in a car accident, or repeatedly pummeled in a boxing match, the bleeding occurs within 72 hours and is very life-threatening. The bigger size of a younger adult's brain provides a tight fit against the skull, better protecting the. Dent is a village and civil parish in Cumbria, England, and within the historic boundaries of the West Riding of Yorkshire.It lies in Dentdale, a narrow valley on the western slopes of the Pennines within the Yorkshire Dales National Park.It is 4 miles (6 km) south east of Sedbergh and about 8 miles (13 km) north east of Kirkby Lonsdale.At the 2011 census Dent was grouped with Middleton giving. Can Botox cause dents in the skin? Dr. Irwin . December 7, 2014. Dr. Irwin, I have had Botox for years now without any problems given by the same nurse. What has happened after this time on Nov 8th is I have indentation all over my forehead. I went to one doctor that couldn't explain it and told me he has never seen this happen and to come back.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head or a penetrating head injury that disrupts the normal function of the brain (1).Causes of TBI include falls (especially in children and the elderly), sports-related injuries (in both amateur and professional athletes), assaults, blast and combat injuries in military. A brachial plexus injury is an injury to the nerves that connect the spinal cord, neck, shoulder, and arm. The brachial plexus is a network of nerves that connect these areas and control sensation and movement. Any pulling or stretching of the baby's shoulders during delivery can cause injuries to these nerves

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